Bombing Yugoslavia

Air Raid!!!
This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

Bombing Yugoslavia 1

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Bombing is a violation both of NATO's and the UN Charter.
Ichak Adizes: Personal Experience with Milosevic.
Serbia Blues - New Reservation.
Various letters.
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 2, UPDATE 2, 25.03.1999.
Picture: Strong opinion of a Serbian peasant.

Bombing Yugoslavia 2

Picture: Demonstrations in Thessaloniki.
Various Letters.
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 3, UPDATE 1/2, 26.03.1999.
Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.

Bombing Yugoslavia 3

Picture: Statue of Liberty.
Various letters: Pobeci negde... Demonstracije u Harareu.
Report by Linda Kozaryn from American Forces Press Service.
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 3, UPDATE 3, 26.03.1999.
Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade (Bajaga).

Bombing Yugoslavia 4

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Desanka Maksimovic: Blood-Stained Tale (Krvava Bajka).
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 4, UPDATE 1, 27.03.1999.
Picture: Happy Anniversary NATO.

Bombing Yugoslavia 5

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Various letters.
Michel Chossudovsky: Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonising Bosnia.
Picture: Is Nato Intelligence a Contradiction of Terms.

Bombing Yugoslavia 6

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Richard Burns: Is NATO Right to Bomb Yugoslavia?
Picture: Another Serbian Peasant with a Big Catch.

Bombing Yugoslavia 7

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Noam Chomsky: The Current Bombings: Behind the Rhetoric.
Picture: They are Shootin' Bridges, Aren't They?

Bombing Yugoslavia 8

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade.
Philip Hammond: The War on TV
Various Lettrs.
Useful addresses (deBil Clintoris, senators, etc).
Picture: Flames in Novi Sad.

Bombing Yugoslavia 9

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade
Zorana Gluscevic: Sila zakon ne pita.
Various letters.
Picture: Kokin Broad Hydro-Electrical Powerplant.

Bombing Yugoslavia 10

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade
Letter from Belgrade.
Pismo iz Beograda.
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 6, UPDATE 1, 29.03.1999.
Picture: Kokin Broad Hydro-Electrical Powerplant (from another angle).

Bombing Yugoslavia 11

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade
A Letter from San Diego.
A Letter from Eugene Gourevitch.
Picture: Nato letak.

Bombing Yugoslavia 12

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade
Various Letters/Razna Pisma.
(Izmedju ostalog gen. A. Tus na HTV o Appache helikopteru.)
Picture: Nato letak, al' s druge strane.

Bombing Yugoslavia 13

Picture: Demonstrations in Belgrade
Various letters
Truth in Media by Bob Djurdjevich: DAY 5, UPDATE 1/2, 28.03.1999.
Picture: Sky over Belgrade.

Bombing Yugoslavia 14

Picture: Demonstrations in Tel Aviv.
Jewish World Review April 5, 1999 /19 Nissan 5759: Don Feder: Bubba and Maddy lit Kosovo's fire
Doug Thompson: Clinton willing to risk global war in desperate attempt to redefine legacy.
Picture: GLOBAL WARning!.

Bombing Yugoslavia 15

Picture: Demonstrations in Tel Aviv.
Various letters.
Some (short) poems (Dobrica Eric and others).

Bombing Yugoslavia 16

Picture: Demonstrations in Tel Aviv
Julie Burchill: A War of Words - Forty reasons why the Serbs are not the new Nazis and the Kosovars are not the new Jews.
Jeff Stein: As the Crisis Spirals out of Control, Everybody Scrambles for a Quick Solution. Everybody but Milosevic.

Bombing Yugoslavia 17

Picture: Demonstrations in Tel Aviv
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar (Retd.): The Fatal Flaws Underlying NATO's Intervention in Yugoslavia

Bombing Yugoslavia 18

Picture: Exodus of Serbs under Arsenije Carnojevic.
Milan Rakic: Na Gazimestanu.
Desanka Maksimovic: Balkanac / The Balkanite.
Dusan Radovic: Who woke today in Belgrade...
Matija Beckovic: Kosovo Polje.

Bombing Yugoslavia 19

Picture: An illegal operation by a Stealth fighter!?!
Prof. Dr. Antonije R. Djordjevic: Please help stop the war between our two countries!
Picture: Izvinite, nismo znali da je nevidljiv! Sorry, we did not know it is invisible!.

Bombing Yugoslavia 20

Picture: Like Father Like Son!?!
Top ten reasons for being Serb, Croat, etc.
Zidanje Bambilenda.
Picture: Generalstaff Building - Only No Generals Inside!

Bombing Yugoslavia 21

Picture: Someone cry 'Murder'.
The Weekly Telegraph: Letters to the Editor.
Michael Harris: Flunkies of Imperialist US (from Toronto Sun).
Picture: Stop the NATO.

Bombing Yugoslavia 22

Picture: Will not fight!.
An Appeal from Prof. Dr. Miodrag D. Jovanovic.
Julie Burchill: A war too far.
Picture: Oops! Precision Bombing.

Bombing Yugoslavia 23

Picture: "King Slong".
Speech by Slobodan Milosevic, delivered to 1 million people at the central
celebration marking the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo, held at
Gazimestan on 28 June, 1989.
Interview by Slobodan Milosevic to the UPI.
Intervju Mirjane Markovic americkoj TV mrezi CBS.
Picture: An Unhappy Seselj.

Bombing Yugoslavia 24

Picture: The Balkans 1914-1918 and 1999-?.
Yugoslav Doctors Addressing the World.
An Appeal from Dr Milan B. Jovanovic.
Picture: TV Relay on the Mountain Avala near Belgrade.

Bombing Yugoslavia 25

Picture: From Air-Raid Shelter (Teodora's World).
Milos Crnjanski: Lament nad Beogradom (odlomci).
Bombardovanja Beograda (Iz Istorije Beograda).
Pripremila Sonja Petrovic.
A letter to the media from Milan.
Picture: "Do you still wanna be a Serb now?"

Bombing Yugoslavia 26

Picture: From Air-Raid Shelter (Teodora's World)
Various letters: Pismo jedne Tanje.
Picture: Civilization in Action.

Bombing Yugoslavia 27

Picture: Heil Bill!
Various letters: Pismo Maira Musafije.
Various letters: A letter from Prof. Dr Miroslav Milicevic.
Picture: A Satellite with a View.

Bombing Yugoslavia 28

Picture: Vamplein Notbright.
Short Comments by Greg Moses.
New American Words.

Bombing Yugoslavia 29

Picture: Two brains.
Simon Jenkins: The manner in which we conduct this war demeans British values.
Simon Jenkins: Nato is fighting a trio of wars with Milosevic - and none will succeed.
Dr. Judah Tzoref : The bleak prospects of NATO campaign in Yugoslavia.
Picture: Grinding.

Bombing Yugoslavia 30

Picture: Tree-Finger-Trophy.
Marie-Pierre Lahaye: The Role of Ruder-Finn.
Rowan Scarborough: Officers criticize NATO's air-war strategy.
Addresses of the NATO Heads of State.
Various Letters.

Bombing Yugoslavia 31

Picture: Would you trust this man with your daughter?
Jovan Ducic: Horda.
Dobrica Eric: Defiant Song (Prkosna Pesma).

Bombing Yugoslavia 32

Picture: Under what circumstances would you allow humanitarian intervention on US soil by foreign troops?
British Medical Journal: An Article and a Response to It.
Picture: An illegal operation by a Stealth fighter!?! (From another angle!)

Bombing Yugoslavia 33

Picture: Democrats in Yugoslavia through history!!!
Intervju Dobrice Cosica svajcarskom listu TAN.
Josko Paro: Interes Hrvatske je demokratska SRJ.
Sangaj: Bez americkih filmova, Internet zatrpan.
Picture: deBil Clintoris in afterlife.

Bombing Yugoslavia 34

Picture: The Sky over Yugoslavia.
Djuro Maljkovic: Srbijo Moja Srbijo.
The Evil Empire is making a new Death Star?: HAARP System (in Serbian).
Picture: A Note by Chris Stone (POW).

Bombing Yugoslavia 35

Picture: NATO plane hit.
Various Letters: Pismo jednog Saleta.
RV Ponikve salje vatrene pozdrave NATO Tuzla.
Pozdrav Srbima iz Zone Sumraka (jos jedno pismo jedne Tanje).
Dusan Miladinovic javlja!
Vesti iz Jugoslavije.
Picture: If you look through a bottle of Smirnoff vodka...

Bombing Yugoslavia 36

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
Bogdan Tirnanic: Ko je Kristijan Amanpur, junakinja TV Serije "Samo je rat vecan"?
Picture: Greetings from Serbia.

Bombing Yugoslavia 37

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
C. Patton: Slobodan vs Rodney King!
Slobodan Boban Pesic sa liste Srpska Kultura: "AUTOMATSKI!" i vesti.
Picture: Refugees.

Bombing Yugoslavia 38

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
Declaration of the Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church: Against the Genocide Inflicted by the Albanians on the Indigenous Serbian Population, Together with the Sacrilege Of Their Cultural Monuments in Their Own Country.
Picture: Strategic Military Object.

Bombing Yugoslavia 39

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
Rescued from the Memory Hole: Background of Serb/Albanian Conflict.
David Binder wrote an article before the current war.
Picture: Moral Argument.

Bombing Yugoslavia 40

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
David Orchard: Bombing The Cradle Of Civilization
Picture: CNN Target Evaluation.

Bombing Yugoslavia 41

Picture: 'Fireworks'.
Petar Lukovic: Rakete Zemlja-Mrak (iz Feral Tribune-a).
Picture: Wanted by KLA!

Bombing Yugoslavia 42

Picture: Clintanic.
Saopstenje sa Sastanka Skupstine Udruzenja Knjizevnika Srbija (iz Politike).
A Letter from Serbian Spouses (from Daily Mail): Outsiders, but Serbia Is Home.
Picture: Target.

Bombing Yugoslavia 43

Picture: Almost Invisible.
Pokret za Zastitu Ljudskih Prava: Zasto je srpska opozicija razjedinjena?
Picture: Remodelling.

Bombing Yugoslavia 44

Picture: deBil Clintoris = Liar-in-Chief!.
A letter from Curt.
Pismo drugu koji je pobegao.

Bombing Yugoslavia 45

Picture: deBil Clintoris: "I want to say this to the American People!".
Knjigu Pise Milosevic Slobo!
Pismo: Muke "nasih demokrata" (sa
List of damaged and destroyed NATO aircraft (updated May 5, 1999).

Bombing Yugoslavia 46

Picture: Canada is going to war!.
Gregory R. Copley: The New Rome and The New Religious Wars.

Bombing Yugoslavia 47

Picture: Kosovo is Serbia (in Chicago).
Walter J. Rockler, Nuremberg Prosecutor Condemns U.S. Aggression on Yugoslavia.
Psihijatar na Radiju.

Bombing Yugoslavia 48

Picture: Welcome to Arkansas.
Pismo Kanadskim Jevrejima.
Pavle Lebl: Obavestenje.
Pavle Lebl: A Letter to Mr. Ronen.
Pavle Lebl: A Letter to the Canadian-Jewish Congress.

Bombing Yugoslavia 49

Picture: Devolution.
British Helsinki Human Rights Group: NATO targets Yugoslavia - Report of a visit to Belgrade.

Bombing Yugoslavia 50

Picture: Hogar Strasni.
Audrey Gillan: What's the Story?.
Pismo jedne Duse iz Beograda a na Spasovdan.
Ass Prof Dr Radoje Lausevic: Ecological Consequences of NATO bombing.

Bombing Aleksinac

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