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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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British Medical Journal

1999;318:1097 (24 April)

Call for international community to protect children in Kosovo

Negin Shamsian

The international community has a duty to find a way of
protecting all children, of whatever ethnic origin, remaining in
Kosovo, Professor David Southall, consultant paediatrician at the
North Staffordshire Hospital, Stoke on Trent, told the annual
general meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child
Health in York earlier this month.

Professor Southall, director of Child Advocacy International, was
reporting on his recent visit to Kosovo. Child Advocacy
International, a humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to
providing hospital care for children in areas of extreme poverty
and armed conflict, has recently withdrawn its team of doctors,
including a child psychiatrist, a general practitioner, and a
paediatrician, from Kosovo to northern Albania. The team had been
in Kosovo since last October.

Problems faced by sick or injured children will have increased if
reports that the main hospital in Pristina had been closed or
destroyed turn out to be correct, he said.

Professor Southall highlighted the fact that there had been no
aid in Kosovo since the air strikes and emphasised that the
international community had to ensure that urgent humanitarianaid
was ready at the borders, should a peace initiative succeed and
aid workers regain access to the province.

Given the situation reported by refugees, Professor Southall
thought it likely that medical aid within the province had now
ended and that conditions for all children, particularly those
who were ill or injured would be appalling. Kosovo at the present
was "sheer hell for children. There is universal fear. Many
children have lost their parents and siblings, have no food and
are seriously ill."

Professor Southall concluded by stating that paediatricians were
urgently required to work not only in Albania and Macedonia with
the refugees but also to be ready and willing to work back in
Kosovo, to protect and help children of all ethnic backgrounds.

He felt that doctors should be advocating an immediate peace

Dr Charles Shepherd, a consultant paediatrician from Portadown,
northern Ireland, said: "Britain has excellent doctors able to
provide urgent help but unable to leave owing to the policies of
NHS hospital trusts."

Response to the above article:

Help children everywhere

Predrag Maksimovich, otolaryngologist, Bulawayo, (30 April 1999)

NATO countries are making an unpardonable aggression on a
sovereign country. A precedent was made that will certainly lead
to many serious consequences among which the possibility of the
III World War is prominent.

Nobody is being helped with bombs.

Huge humanitarian and refugee crisis caused by this attack is
left to the international community to solve.

The hypocrisy of the NATO leaders are now being continued in the
medical community.

Help the children in Kosovo and refugee camps? Of course. But who
is going to help the children in the rest of Yugoslavia. Who is
to return from the dead the children that are already
euphemistically called 'collateral damage'.

It is high time that all people join in an effort to stop this
atrocious and very costly mistake.