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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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Saljem Vam tekst koji je napisala Amerikanka, profesor u San Diegu.

Mislim da bi bilo interesantano da ga objavite na nekom od Vasih sajtova.

Radomir Plavsich, San Diego, California

I've been hooked on the TV watching all that is going on and I have to tell you I feel devastated. There are so many mixed emotions, so many false statements, so many lies and so many murders. I feel awful for what is happening right now, I honestly have to tell you that my heart is sad, I am extremely sad for you and your people.

I have no one over there, you are my only connection of reality to that world. And yet I am feeling such a hard pain in my heart that I cannot help but do what I do best, and that is why I'm writing to you. I feel this overwhelming desire to write everything that I am feeling and thinking at the moment.

Who gives all those people the right to make such decisions, or to judge something that is not of any relevance to them. I am talking about the whole world of hypocrisy who is now focused on the incidents of Kosovo. Where were all these people when it all started, when it all could have been prevented. Everyone is taking sides, everyone is repeating things. Nobody knows for sure all that is going on, except for all those people living this

These people are not the ones speaking on the media. They have all these other "representatives" who are showing what they want the world to see, it is such biased footage, it is so sad. I'm not saying that there are not being atrocities made by both
sides, but they are making the Serbs look like black devils. They are not saying anything about the innocent people, they just keep showing the same footage, the same brain washing material to control the masses.

What is going on Radomir? All these powerful politicians and governmental figures take the world in their hands as if they were God. Who gives them the right to decide over the future of innocent people who have done nothing wrong. Their only doing is living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Families separating, children being lost, here we are planning all our lives and nothing lasts for ever.

Sometimes I think this is nothing but an excuse to have something big to talk about. To have the opportunity to show the world the power that they want the world to believe they have. I mean, there have been so many other instances in the world where true
genocide has been happening and where nothing goes on. It is destroying the weak to keep in power.

They are calling it NATO, but who is really behind it all. Who is NATO really controlled by, and what are they trying to prove. I mean don't look back so much, think about the Panama Canal. With the excuse of narcotics the US destroyed the whole army of that
country. It all started by accusing Noriega of being the worst Narcotic devil around, when he was in truth, Bush's CIA informant. Of course the deadline for the Canal to be US property was about to expire. Something needed to be done, catastrophe, dead to the innocent, and twist the truth so that the US is looked upon as heroes. A country without an army cannot defend the Canal, so the US stayed in power. Any country in Central
America has similar stories. El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua with the so called Sandinistas. Too much power from one family of Dictators was a threat to the United States, so let's destroy Somoza, and the country is in our power. It is so sick, the US
needs to be in power, but it takes upon the small countries who have not many resources or not much power and they bring them down.

There is so much hypocrisy, they tend to fight in the eyes of the world for the things that attempt towards humanity; genocide, narcotics, money laundering, weapon factories etc. But these are the same things that in the back door they own and control. It is a web of disillusion. Yet I am living in this country, and I can't very well complain. I think of the safety of my people and of my future. I think that it is better to live under this
hypocritical giant who is willing to protect us. Either join or suffer, it is sad, it is not right, and yet the alternative is dreadful. It is at times like this when I am angry at the system,
at the needs, and at the power. It is also a great country of "opportunity," which is greatly overstated. You work hard and you can lead a normal life, but the money and the power is controlled by the very few. So where do we really stand? In that same wave
on people who need to go along with their dictators to have a safe environment. It is a vicious circle.

Now after wondering about the great circle, I try to look at the little circle. The little things in life, the important things in life. The joy to see my son wake up all excited because he lost his tooth and he got money. The joy to see his face savoring an
ice-cream, or to run in the park. The joy to be able to have him in a nice safe school, where his major problem in life is goofing around in class. There are many other small things, being free to take a walk, to go to a movie, to have a drink. Feel free to see
your friends, to drive your car, to go to the stores. Fell free to love, and make love. Feel free to fight, to cry, to make up, to go wild. Feel free to do all this things and know that you are safe. To know that you can come back home, and you have a home, a bed, your things. Being able to plan ahead of time, where most of your worries are to meet deadlines. Being able to see a future. You called all these things small things yesterday, yes they are small things but they are the essence of life and security.

The world is now fighting over someone else's civil war. Everyone is getting involved in the little things of these people, it is a violation. Strangers have decided to take these little things from people, by protecting these little things from other people. I'm talking they want to "save" the Albanians, while they drown the Serbs. But of course lately nothing is as important as the 'safety of that Pilot'. Please, it is so ridiculous. By now thousands of people, who a year ago had a normal life full of little things, are dead. Where is the safety, where is the justice, where is the reality?

Who knows really why all the fighting is going on, who knows when it will all end. I have to say with a lot of pain that this is getting bigger by the minute. In a month the reality of why it all started will be forgotten. Bigger fights and problems will arise, bigger countries will begin to fight with each other. Then no one will remember the 'poor' Albanians and the 'sadistic' Serbs. It is just an excuse. W.W.I. started like that didn't it?

Archduke Ferdinand being shot in Sarajevo, and all the allies and enemies began to fight against each other. The Paris Peace treaty, what a joke, there was no war to begin with, no real reason except probably something that could be solved without major problems. Little things get very big, and then real catastrophe and uneccesarry deaths occur.

Why did the United States choose Kosovo, why did they choose this special situation? It is beyond me, all this could have been fixed between the people. Things are usually fixed if let alone to deal with by the involved parties.

Clinton is supposed to speak in a few minutes, I'm going to go watch him. Let's see who he blames or what he has to say to cover his behind now. They are now saying that NATO is devastated that the Serbians are using air force to fight back DAAAAAH!!!! What
did they expect, to shoot, and kill and let the Serbians stand by? How ridiculous can it get.

I better stop, I wanted to share this with you. I am sad for all those people, I am very sad for you and your family, I am devastated and I am very scared.


PS I just saw Clinton, what a coward. He said nothing but praised the men and women fighting, he named all the presidents that are his allies, said he was not going to stop and then he left. What the hell was that, and the he walks away with his dog. What a coward, he did not answer any questions, he did not make any adequate comments. How extremely disappointing.

Eugene Gourevitch <gourev@earthlink.net>

I think a CNN journalist said it best. "Most Americans have two questions: 1) What are our long-term strategic objectives in Kosovo; 2) Where is Kosovo?" Of course most people don't care, because it doesn't affect their daily lives in a direct way. It's the nature of
people, at least here in the United States: unless *I* am directly involved, I don't care.

As an immigrant from Russia, I have to say that I find NATO's actions to be deeply symptomatic of 20th century America. One words sums up the nature of this country: hypocrisy. It was at the same time tragic and ironic to watch Clinton after the murders in Colorado say something along the lines, "We have to teach our children how to resolve disputes without resorting to violence"... OK, Bill, you are doing a great job!

And I also feel sad that the beautiful city of Belgrade is being demolished, not to mention the many civilian lives that are being taken. There has to be a better way!