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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Belgrade, the city which is right now suffering heavy bombing by NATO. People are mostly in shelters, the fifth day by now.

Fifty eight years after Adolf Hiltler, who also believed that we were guilty of something, American president Bill Klinton is delivering us his deadly toys, allegedly to save innocent Albanian lives. People all over the world are watching on their TVs the bloody attacks to one European country, like a monstruous live video game. Continuous efforts of CNN and other media supporters of USA and NATO made many common people's conscience
satisfied, pleased and even happy now when USA and NATO finally did something to save innocent people, to punish the evils, and to bring the peace and democracy to all of us. This indeed is an easy-to-swallow explanation, but it does not offer any plausible answers to many questions that a thinking man should pose.

Yugoslavia did not attack either NATO or any other country. NATO is attacking Yugoslavia because their representatives did not want to sign an agreement which was written by Albanians and which was not good for our country. Was that a crime?

Every normal country in the world is allowed to fight terrorists. Yugoslav troups did not come to Kosovo to take it by force, they have every legal right to be there. Kosovo is a legal part of Serbia, very important to Serbian people because of historical heritage from many centuries. It is at least as important to Serbia as Ireland to Great Britain, as Basque country to Spain, as Florida or Texas to Americans. Kosovo has been inhabited by
Serbs and ethnic Albanians for ages, living in peace together. Albanian terrorists want now to have their own country there and to separate it from Serbia and Yugoslavia. They made their own army and now they have their own air support - NATO planes and missiles. What is NATO doing and why?

American citizens are lucky to have their big and powerful country to protect them, even individuals, whenever they need, and wherever they are. American government, however, severely punishes us for trying to protect our people in our land. The story made up by Klinton's administration that the agreement was fair enough for both sides, simply is false. Is there any country in the world that would voluntarily withdraw its army and police
from a part of its territory and invite NATO forces as "peacekeepers"?

Anyway, peacekeepers are here. They experiment with new weapons, keep their war industries of being idle, generate new jobs in America and new voters for their president. We do not want them.

We do not want their peace with bombs falling over our heads.

They also have no legal right to be here. Their doing is a shame for the human civilization and for the human race.

Please, help correcting this injustice. Write to your newspapers, demand cease of bombing. Write to president Klinton. Send this letter to your friends. Do whatever you can to help stopping this incredible nightmare before it becomes yet another dark, dirty and bloody spot in the history of 20th century. Please hurry.

Hours count, not days.

Stop the WW III before it becomes real!!!








Stavros Mitzelos

p.o.box 1155




Stop NAZI pact occupation of Serbia

WPD's phonecard mailing list

Dear fellow collectors,

I know that some of you will scorn me for forwarding this message; however, my ex-motherland is subjected to a barbaric media war of lies and semi - truths, and a shower of bombs. I am aware that this message may mean the end of my presence to this list - but, I'm sending it anyway - it's the least I can do to promote at least a part of the truth to the people of good will and free thinking. Remember: wherever you live, your country
could be next!

Please, forgive the bitter and angry overtones - the person who wrote the message was under heavy bombardment!

Sincerely, Dejan Dizdar

Dear friend,

this night heads of NAZI pact have decided to occupy Serbia. Not because Serbians have done anything to Islam foundamentalists on Kosovo, but simply because several persons from American administration have found out that it will be nice show for the following elections. Among them, one person is carying the flag of the invasion. You may guess who it is: it is one non-doubtably crazy person named Madlena Albright. You have heard well:
Madlena, and not Madeleine, as she likes to say. This is because Madlena was born on the territory of Serbia, in fact in its capitol of Belgrade.

So, her original name was written in Serbian (there is a written proof for giving this name to little Jewish girl in the sunrise of World War II).

However, war came, and her family was taken to concentration camp. But her neighbours, Serbs of course, have hidden the child and protected her for several years under German occupation. I might remind those who don't know.

There were two concentration camps on the territory of Belgrade during Great War. Many Serbian intellectuals, scientists, politicians and simple people found their death inside those death camps. Of course, a major Jewish population from Belgrade and other cities in Serbia was transported and killed in those camps by German and Croat occupators. After several years of hiding little girl, her neighbours (who risked their lifes because of her), succeeded to smuggle her to more safe place in Czechoslovakia, where she hopefully survived till the end of the war. Well, after some time, she was adopted and transported to USA. During that process, her name was changed to more American-Jewish Madeleine, instead of her original name Madlena.

Now, how do I know all this? You probably remember the action few years ago, when Clinton, major war criminal in the world, have proposed an action to find out the origin of crazy Madlena. It was in the middle of her engagement in war against Serbs in Bosnia. Well, the result of their quest was much dissapointing for both of them: she was almost Serb! Damn, it had to be covered up! So, as you probably have noticed, results of the quest were never published (of course, it was published that she was adopted in Czechoslovakia, but her previous history was hidden). Looking at this text, it is obvious that she is mentally disturbed, and that she wants to revenge to Serbs as like as they killed her family. But it is not the first time that Serbia is being punished for its good deeds. For instance, actual president of Slovenia, Milan Kucan, was also born in Serbia. His mother was
pregnant when Slovenia was occupied by Germans in World War II.

As you might find in some historical books, there were two movements in Slovenia that days. One was friendly to Germans (you also might find that Germans were accepted in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, with flowers); but the others meant Germans as occupators. So, Germans decided to transport half of small Slovenia to Serbia, as punishment for their Serbism! You might guess: mother Kucan was transported. Just after arriving to Kragujevac, small town in central Serbia, Kucan was born. His name is decisive proof for that: Milan is pure Serbian name. For instance, several
Serbian kings from past centuries had that name. It's hard to believe that Serbian monarchs were wearing Slovenian names! Probably most notable of those kings was king Milan Obrenovic, who was father of Serbian Millitary Academy, the one which is going to defend Serbia from American nazis today. He was successor of Milos Obrenovic (the liberator of Serbia from Turkey
domination), and predecessor of Mihailo Obrenovic (a great reformator of Serbian law and other civil stuff; there is a monument dedicated to him at the central square in Belgrade, The Republic Square). Well, as you can see, all those monarchs had names with same root, Milan. This means that Milan Kucan wears Serbian name, and he is one of people who have most often asked
for bombing Serbia (he also asked for Security Council some months ago, and begged Americans on his knees there to bomb Serbia for some idiotic reasons). Only damn pope asked more times for destroying Serbia than Milan Kucan.

After this brief history course, we can see what is happening today on Kosovo. First, what is Kosovo. Kosovo and Metohija are the place where first Serbian state was created, exactly 1100 years ago. You have heard well: eleven centuries, meaning that we, Serbs, are over five times older historic nation than bloody Americans. Well, the proof of that is a small stone church dated from last millenium, placed on territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

Why am I telling Kosovo and Metohija, and not only Kosovo.

Because, it's correct. Territory which Americans are trying to seceede and paste to Great Albania is not only Kosovo, but also region called Metohija.

Metohija in middle century Serbian dialect means Church's Land.

There was founded first center of Serbian Ortodox Church.

Church's headquarters are even today settled in Metohija. Well, this etymology is known to Americans, so they are trying to avoid it. They prefer name Kosovo, because etymology of this toponym is much less clear. The most probable theory, supported by Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SANU) is that it is developed from name of small bird kos, which is for centuries living on the vast fields of Kosovo (it is living there even today: you know, this is not America, we are preserving our nature). As you can see, both Kosovo and Metohija are Serbian toponyms, meaning that Serbs
first grabbed that land in the old days of Roman and Greek empires, when Slav nations came from the East, from Asia. For centuries, this territory was Jerusalem through all epochs of Serbian history. Great wars were fought on Kosovo. Well, Americans are obviously trying to call Kosovo and Metohija just Kosovo, because they want to exclude name which is telling that it is originally Serbian land. If you have heard name Kosmet, which is most usual in Serbian language, that is short for Kosovo and Metohija.

Greatest battle in long Serbian history is called Kosovo Battle (you can find this in every history book dedicated to that times). This battle started on June 28, 1389. at the middle of Kosovo Field and lasted probably for three days (historic data from that time is very scarse, not only for that battle, but all battles from that time are in todays history books covered with a lots of imagination, legends and epics). This is the only date of some historic battle that I know by heart. And that is not for
nothing: every living Serb on this planet knows this date. And when battle on Serbian Kosovo will be forgotten by Serbs, on that day there will be no Serbs anymore.

However, more than 100,000 soldiers died on both sides. Among them, both Turkish Sultan and Serbian Emperor lost their lives. There is a legend that great Serbian knight Milos Obilic killed with his own hands Turkish Sultan Murat. (Actual Yugoslav football champion is wearing the name of this hero: it is called simply Obilic.) The legend says that on so-called Lazar's dinner (named like this to sound like last dinner of Jesus, as tomorrows
battle was most dramatic moment in Serbian history) Milos Obilic was blamed that he has prepared to betray the Emperor in tomorrows battle and to say his troops to fight on Turkish side (Lazar was Serbian Duke, but in further tales he was rised to Emperor, and also said by Serbian Church to be a saint because of his epic death, so there is St. Lazar in our calendar today, six hundred years later). However, Obilic decided to give his life in the battle as the proof of his loyalty to the Emperor. He decided to pretend as a betrayer. As he was a knight, Turkish guards didn't kill him, but brought him to the Sultan, wanting to cut his head in front of Sultan. However, when he came to Sultan to kiss his hand, as this one asked to, Milos Obilic took his hidden knife (Turks call this yatagan), and cutt through Sultan's stomach. Legend says that Sultan was dying during the whole sunset, in great pain. But, he could give order to cut off Obilic's head in front of Sultan's legs. Legend says that when Obilic's head was shown on the battlefield, Serbs fought even more bravely knowing that their hero didn't betray Emperor.

The first day of battle was Serbian victory, so messagers run to the Western Europe to bring news of great victory of Christian Serbs against Islamic Turks. There is a true story that bells on Notr'Dam church in Paris were ringing for 24 hours without any stopping, in honour to Serbian heroes.

But, luck left us, and we eventually lost the battle. Emperor Lazar was wounded in the battle, and brought down the legs of two days long dead Sultan. His head was also cut off down Sultan's legs, as a sign of his power (well, it didn't reanimate the Sultan however). There is an untrue legend that Lazar's head was brought to Turkey and burried under the legs of Sultan Murat.

There was a huge protest to Turkey several years ago to open Sultan's grave and to check whether this is true or not. However, Serbian authorities opened Lazar's grave first, and found head together with other part of Lazar's body. There is also a tale that some peasant have stolen head from the battlefield and smuggled it to Lazar's home, where it was attached to the body and burried altogether. After the Kosovo Battle, Turks couldn't
advance to northern border of Serbia for almost one hundred years: their losses were so huge, that they couldn't send army to conquest Serbia. So, for almost one century, Serbia was without strong army (it lost almost half of the male population), but Turkey couldn't use that position to conquer it, as it also suffered great losses. This meant that Serbs have brought one hundred years of peace in Europe, which certainly couldn't defend
itself from Turkish conquest (Europe has shown it's loss of strength in North Africa and todays Spain; well, there were no Serbs there to defend Spain from Arabs).

At present time, there is over 1300 Serbian churches and monasteries on the territory of Kosovo. That is why Kosovo is in foreign (non-American) sources often referred as Serbian Jerusalem. On less than ten per cent of Serbian territory is settled almost two thirds of total Serbian spiritual owning.

But it doesn't stop some Americans to say that Kosovo is Albanian! This is idiotic, isn't it. For instance, in one of the most famous monasteries in the world, Mileseva, there is an icon called White Angel (I have its reproduction on my desk now, I'm looking at it; you can find its reproduction in every better encyclopedia where there is any word of Serbian culture).

However, you probably didn't know that this icon is the most often reproduced icon in the whole world! And, you guess, it is on Kosovo! There is one even more interresting story about this icon. When a rocket was sent with proofs of human life on Earth (I don't remember its name), guess what was one of the pieces of human art: a White Angel icon was sent into Space to represent human race.

Together with Da Vinci's projections, and other stuff. And now, this piece of world's art is going to be given to some bloody terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists, to burn it ad crush it to ground? Well, ask yourself how are they going to preserve 1300 Serbian culture monuments when they cannot build even one Islamic monument (if you think they can, then find one in their Albania; well, don't try, you won't find it!). Those beasts are going to destroy all that treasure together with their nazi allies from White House; all that treasure which was built during past 1100 years of Serbian history on Kosovo and Metohija. Well, that is the reason why Serbs are going to defend their Jerusalem from attacks from Washington.

At the end, I must tell you what I saw and read from American sources these days. For instance, their proven war criminal television CNN have shown some videos showing some Albaninans running from Serbian force. Well, nothing too important on that video, except that no forces are seen there (those were actors), and that they ran over the snow. CNN claims that it was recorded yesterday, but last snow here was three months ago! If you don't believe me, ask anyone from surrounding countries (e.g. from
Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungaria) if there is snow at their home. There is snow only in mountains, but Kosovo is a valley, you see, there is only one mountain in there (find some map and look by yourself), and there is no one Albanian on that mountain (that is a stronghold of Serbian culture: Stara Planina mountain). On other side, I have received an information accross my mail that four serbian police officers who were killed three days ago in one terrorist attack were killed by Serbian
extremists! Well, someone is derranged here, obviously!

Also, I have received an information that two bombs which were put on the street in two Serbian towns in Kosovo and killed 5 and wounded over 50 persons were put by the Serbs. Well, everything looks like Markale place in Sarajevo, where about 60 persons were killed by something called a grenade shot from Serbian positions.

After that Americans were bombing Serbian cities and villages for the whole week. According to the UN data, more than 800 Serbian civilians were killed during that bombing orgies of bloody Clinton (that is why I call that bastard the greatest war criminal on Earth). Not only that civilians were killed, but also chemical and biological weapons were widely used. There is a published report from British command, where it was explicitely forbidden to British soldiers (mass-killers) to "touch the ground with open skin, drink water other than one given at the base, sit on the ground, keep pieces of metal found on the ground etc." It is obvious that ground in Bosnia was highly contaminated. There are parts in Serbian half of Bosnia where there is no even grass growing, and parts where all animals have fled. There is an interresting (and tragic) story of tea export from Serbia. Well, tea leafs were partially brought from Bosnia. Some commissions have later found that bloody tea was radioactive! Now ask yourself how people are living in areas bombed by American war criminals, when even tea is poisoness in there. Of course, not to forget: Markale were a reason for Clinton to bomb Serbs. But, several months later, UN attorney in Bosnia Yasushi Akkashi said that there is a report in UN (never published report, even if Clinton himself has promissed that fully investigation will be done and published as a proof that Serbs killed civilians), as I said, Akkashi said that there exists a report in which it is said that Muslims from Sarajevo have put the bomb on the market place
(there were also mounted cameras around the place, so CNN could show murdering 60 civilians in live show! What a presentation as a preparation to bomb Serbs.) Then Madlena Albright came (she was an ambassador in Security Council in those days), and didn't say that Akkashi was not right. No, as you might even remember, she said, I quote: "Akkashi should know who is paying him!". So, Akkashi was dismissed (have you heard of him after that? No, he's now digging some birocratic dirt in some UN outpost; he will
never work on some high position in this life). Before Akkashi, Israeli Mosad said that there was no grenade, but bomb put in the manner used several times in Jerusalem by Islamic fundamentalists. When saying putting bombs, you must have known (Guardian said this) that one of the bombs put into Paris subway several years ago was produced in Sarajevo by Islamic
fundamentalists working with Alija Izetbegovic, Muslim leader and an obvious war criminal (he will never be prosecuted for that, because he was employed by Americans in his war crimes). In addition to tis, Guardian said that Muslims are responsible for both of massacres in Sarajevo: in Vase Miskina Street (this was used to set up sactions to Yugoslavia), and on Markale market (this was used to bomb Serbs with radioactive weapons; now there are regions in Bosnia where 20 times more population has some form of cancer than before, as a result of American using chemical and atomic weapons on them; several thousand of new cancers were registered in those regions till today - that is during less than three years). After Mosad said its story, Russian Government said explicitely that it has non-doubtable proof that CIA had a report of hiding bomb on market place
Markale in Sarajevo eight months before the terrorist act even happened! So, Russian Government said explicitely that US Government has put the bomb on the market and killed 60 civilians in front of CNN cameras.

Well, there is a lot of stories like this, and I'm a little bit sleepy.

It's six o'clock in the morning, and American nazis didn't bomb us tonight.

Maybe they'll try it tomorrow night? We shall see; it's little cloudy around here, so they might wait for clouds to move off.

However, one day all this stuff will be history. Books will be written of American war crimes, starting from Viet-Nam, Cambodia, and all other countries till Iraq (they killed there over a million civilians, according to UN data; well, that's a typical genocide, isn't it; for instance, Turks have killed million Armenians in this century, and that act is marked as a genocide in all historic books; well, such qualification will be said for
Clinton and his crazy Madlena one day).

I'd like Clinton to get his Nobel Peace Prize which he's trying to buy these days. That would show who he really is. At the very end, I'm sorry of those Americans who are on my mailing list. I hope they will not look too badly on these facts I wrote here.

There is always chance for them to force their crazy politicians to pull their army to their borders; not to mine as they are now trying to do.