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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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Bombing is a violation both of NATO's and the UN Charter. Yugoslavia is a sovereign country and Kosovo is part of Serbia's sovereign territory. The Kosovo Liberation Army is a terrorist group pure and simple. It relies on narcotics-derived funding. There are plenty of people of good will on both sides and there are proposed ideas for durable solutions.

Personal Experience with Milosevic

By Ichak Adizes Ph.D.

In July 1991, Mr. Zelenovic, the Prime Minister of Serbia at the time, invited me for consultations on the breakdown of the Yugoslav Federation. I was well known as someone who knew Yugoslavia well. I published two books on Yugoslavia, which were translated to several languages.

When I arrived, I met with a joint session of the cabinet and the leadership in the Parliament of the Socialist party, which was and still is in power. I did an interactive diagnosis of the situation with them.

My conclusion was that the problem was not Slovenia nor Croatia, which were seeking independence (Bosnia was not awaken yet), but that it was Kosovo. It had 2 million Moslems who did not wish to be part of Yugoslavia. With a population plagued by low literacy, high unemployment and high birth rate, the highest in the world with an average of 9 children per family, it was costing Yugoslavia 1.5 billion dollars a year to provide health, education and unemployment benefits.

"How can you keep doing this?" I asked. "While Serbian hospitals have no medicines, you are spending a fortune on Kosovo where people hate you. You yourself say that few years back the Albanians were only 400 000, now they are two million. When will this geometrically expanding wave reach Belgrade? Kosovo is the Serbian gangrene. True, 500 years ago Kosovo was the valley where the Serbian nation was born. OK. I accept your claim that it is the Serbian Jerusalem and one does not give up motherhood's help; but wouldn't you cut your own right arm if it had gangrene or would you let it spread?"

To make a long story short, after a week of debates, Zelenovic thought that I had a point and suggested we go and see Milosevic. It was a meeting of the three of us. No one else. No translators were needed because I speak Serbian fluently, being born there.

To understand what happened next, one has to understand Serb culture. When two people that do not know each other meet, the communication in the beginning is formal, using plural you (Vi). If they seek to become more friendly and intimate, the one with the higher status has to initiate it and the other one has the option to join in. It takes the following form: The higher in status moves to singular you (Ti). If the other person accepts the offered intimacy he moves to use it too. The two will become real friendly and the conversation will become sincere without any "make believes" when the higher in status curses the other person, or better, curses his mother. That is what happened
here. We started with plural you's. I introduced myself. When he heard that I was born in Yugoslavia but raised in Israel he got excited. He considers the Serbs the Jews of the Balkan. "We suffer alike. Everyone wants to annihilate us but we survive in spite of adversity and the bad destiny." He expressed strong desire for Israel and Serbia to renew their diplomatic relations. Than he moved to singular you. I was waiting. The conversation continued and when he said "F'k your mother" I knew we could start talking about Kosovo.

I said: "I understand that Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbian nation. But the Kosovars already said they would win their battle against the Serbs in bed. They are multiplying at a rate you can not ever match. Soon they will be a majority not only in Kosovo but also in Belgrade. It's only a question of time. It is your gangrene."

Milosevic is a very bright person. I have worked intimately with many Prime Ministers and many CEOs of Fortune 100s. You can tell a person whose wheels are turning fast. Milosevic looks at you and you can feel that the guy is intense, a fast thinker and ahead of you.

He turned to Zelenovic and said: "What do you think?" I saw that as an opportunity to dare and say more. "Look Slobo" (I felt I could address him by his nickname after he cursed my mother.) "These 2 million Kosovars are not a fog that one morning we wake up and it is gone. What are you going to do with them? Shoot them all? You can not make them move out of Kosovo either. The world community will not let you do it. They will not allow two million Moslem refugees to be floating somewhere through Europe" Zelenovic agreed with me. "So, what is your suggestion?" Milosevic asked. " I suggest we take advantage of what is dear to the Western society: Self-determination. Let's announce
that we rec ognize the right of the minorities and different nationalities that comprise Yugoslavia to have self-determination. Let us invite a blue ribbon committee headed by President Carter, who likes these kind of things, to supervise and observe a national referendum. Those who want to stay in Yugoslavia stay, and those who want to leave, let them separate. The Croats and Slovenes will leave. We lost them anyway. The Serbian in Bosnia will vote to stay and we should do our best to encourage the Kosovars to vote to leave us. The end result will be that we got greater Serbia with no war and we got
rid of the gangrene. It is politically viable in spite of the fact that what brought you to power is the promise to do the opposite: get the Kosovars out and the Serbs in. You can claim that you could not oppose self-determination, which you can make appear through the media which you control as a sacred value. Once the Kosovars are on their own and have to support themselves, they will have to control their reproduction rate. The danger that Albania will join them for a greater Albania is not real because the Albanian leadership
does not want two million Moslems shaking the very delicate balance between the different religions that comprise Albania. They also do not welcome the Kosovo leadership that exhibits an attitude of superiority towards them."

The end of the conversation, which took four hours, was that Zelenovic was given the task of drawing a map of Kosovo. The part called Metohija, where most of the Serbian monasteries are, were supposed to remain in Serbia and the rest was to be let go.

My assignment was to speak with the American ambassador about this deal and get his cooperation. One should not forget that Milosevic himself refused to accept the American ambassador and talk to him. I had a problem now. No one knows me at the State department. I am a nobody there. Who will believe me? Fortunately I had a friend I met through the Young Presidents Organization: Ken Adelman who was the head of the disarmament negotiations for President Reagan and an ambassador to the United Nations. "Ken help," I called him. "Here is what is happening with Milosevic and I need to talk to ambassador Zimmerman. He does not know me. Make the introductions, please".

The next day when I called the ambassador, I was greated warmly and when we met I was ushered to a room that appeared secured from electronic eaves dropping. Two young men were sitting there taking notes. I presented what happened the day before with Milosevic. "I do not believe Milosevic," said Zimmerman. "No way " was his conclusion. That is where this initiative died. And come to think Zimmerman might have been right.

I was supposed to meet Milosevic the week after, to deliver Zimmerman's response. I was never asked back.

Poor Zelenovic. He drew maps that Milosevic never asked for. After one week of waiting to see Milosevic I left for South Africa where another assignment was awaiting me. "If anything happens, let me know" I told Zelenovic. The next thing I knew was that Zelenovic got sacked unceremoniously by Milosevic. Insiders in the cabinet, who knew Milosevic intimately, told me that it was because of the affair with me. Zelenovic showed a weakness in his determination on Kosovo.

What Milosevic did was an old Tito trick. "How do you know where the weeds are? You water the  garden and wait for them to raise their head. Than you mow them out." That is what Milosevic did. He encouraged me and Zelenovic to tell our true feelings and thoughts. He kept to himself what he really thought and than acted as he thought right. "Uh, I said to myself. This guy is fast and a political genius." And the events thereafter reinforced my judgement.

Milosevic removed all the leadership of the ruling party and put young inexperienced people to lead it. They depended for their political survival on him. Even economically they depended on him. The leaders of the party were people who would starve to death if the party would loose in the elections because they had no profession except being aparatchiks of the party. He had an iron grip on power. After my visit he got Milan Panic, a Serbian immigrant to the United States who even forgot how to speak Serbian and had zero political following to become the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia.

"This whole visit, it occurred to me was a 'job interview'. They were looking for an unknown, but still legitimate face, for  Prime Minister and I had blown my opportunity (Thanks God)". That was 1991.

Years passed by and I wondered all these years how in the world was Milosevic going to deal with Kosovo. I have been writing, warning the world about the forthcoming calamity in Kosovo. I had a personal reason to worry too. I was saved by Albanian Moslems during World War II. I felt I had a debt of honor to pay.

Watching the bombing of Yugoslavia on TV, listening to interviews with strategic decision makers like Sandy Berger, the National Security Advisor to President Clinton, I finally realized the morbid genius of Milosevic. Yes!!! He is going to expel the Kosovars out of Kosovo. The two million of them, and he is going to do it with the full cooperation of NATO. How? NATO is in the air only, right? He has a free hand on the ground. Few atrocities will do the trick. A massive exodus will follow. True that in the meantime he will be loosing some airports and several factories because of the raids. He might also loose a few thousand soldiers and civilians but he will clean up the Serbian cradle, something he promised to do when he climbed to power. He will be remembered in the annals of Serbian history as the great liberator. And he can do it under the cover of war. These are war refugees and he is doing it without impunity. How can NATO stop him now? Do more bombing? Of whom? Civilian targets? Bomb Belgrade? It is fine with Milosevic. It will make him an even bigger hero of his nation. He will become the true martyr. Will the Serb people rise against him when the destruction becomes overwhelming? No! It can not be worse than what they experienced in Second World War where every ninth Yugoslav was killed. This nation is used to hardship. They have had a five hundred year long hardship bootcamp under the Turks. They will eat grass and leaves and not yield once attacked. Americans yield once they see body bags. Serbs, when hurt, call for revenge and get more hostile, not less. They have been under Turkish influence for a long time. Turks never retreat. Americans think rationally. Serbs think first with their emotions, than they
subordinate their logic to it and if there is no logic, they make it up to fit what they emotionally have decided to do.

Milosevic has played his cards very smart and the West made all the wrong moves. He will clean up Kosovo and the West will end up silently thanking him for it because he removed the Moslem threat of a new Moslem state in Europe. Will they take him to Hague after the war and charge him with crimes against humanity? I doubt it because so far this guy has been more intelligent that any of his counterpart.

Serbia blues - New Reservation

Nothing to fear, nothing to worry,
It is an old, well known story.
Don't think too deep,
Don't loose your sleep
Just another nation goes to reservation.
Serbian people, they are so bad,
The world would be best if they were all dead.
Let's throw some bombs, lets burn them all,
Put them against or behind a wall.
Lets find a new desert, a new location,
Let's call it "The Serbian Reservation".
Don't think too long, don't thing too deep,
Serbian land is now so cheap.
Croats, Albanians, come and get some
A piece of Serbia to every world's bum.
It gives me sorrow it gives me blues
Whenever I hear the CNN news:
Kid kills his schoolmaster with a gun,
Macguire hits another home run.
The San Diego zoo got a new panda,
Eight-hundred-thousand killed in Rwanda.
Eight-hundred-thousand dead on the scene,
Is NATO going to intervene?
Give me a break, come on, get real,
They were all black, not a big deal,
Eight-hundred-thousand, their throats slit,
We all remember what Clinton did.
The Support he offered was only moral,
At the time he was just getting oral.
In the case of Rwanda he was to slow,
But now he's ready for a final blow.
The peace on the Balkans someone disturbs,
So let's go there and bomb some Serbs.
Let's get Kosovo ethnically clean,
Ten percent Serbs, and they're so mean.
Lets kick them out to reservation
Kosovo is for the Albanian nation
Ten percent only, used to be more,
Seventy percent after Second World War.
After fifty years they almost all left,
Under the pressure, terror, and theft.
Some ten percent just wouldn't go,
Now Clinton's ready for the final blow.
Serbs from Croatia, Serbs from Bosnia,
We chased them all to little Serbia,
What Hitler started, lets get it done,
Let's go to Serbia and have some fun.
Let's test some weapons, cause some destruction,
Let's see what will be the Russian's reaction.
It'll be good for the bonds and stocks,
'Cause the market lately really sucks.
Let us create the New World Order
For every country, we'll write a new border.
Everyone has to dance as we play,
Or he'll become NATO's pray.

Ovo su vesti iz Batajnice
Samo da se javim da smo svi zivi i zdravi. Sinoc oko pola devet su nam rasturili aerodrom, celu noc smo se setkali do sklonista i natrag, ali sve jeproslo relativno O.K. i bez panike. Ima struje, ima vode, na TV-u pustaju "Boj na Kosovu", ne znam sta ce biti dalje. Covece, kao da se ne desava meni, nego je osecaj kao da gledas film, i cekas sta ce dalje da se desi. Ajde, ukoliko bude dobra veza, dobijaces redovne izvestaje iz prve ruke sa prvih borbenih linija.


Posle par sati dremanja prosle noci, evo me na net-u da nekako cujem vesti.

Neopisivo mi je drago da si mi odmah odgovorila. Ponekad mi se cini da vi tamo u belom svetu mnogo vise brinete o ovdasnjoj situaciji nego mi sami.

Ukratko prosla noc je bila napeta i sva u iscekivanju. U kuci smo bili spremni za pokret mada mislim da nebismo dalje od Kalemegdana. Nije bilostrasno. Odsedeli smo u stanu dok su klinci obuceni spavali. Objava vazdusneopasnosti je trajala u dva navrata skoro celu noc. Ovi mutanti kako ih neko sinoc nazva su izgleda preorali celu zemlju. Grmelo je i u Beogradu ali valjdasamo po odabranim ciljevima.

Ono na sta sam ponosan je potpuni mir Beogradjana. Prosto neka svecana atmosfera. Na zalost ne znam detalje oko ucinka samog napada. Izgleda da jeovo samo pocetak.

Ne plasimo se a niti mozemo bog zna sta u ovom trenutku uciniti.

Pokusacu da budem u stalnoj vezi sa tobom. Ako mogu da nesto pomognem oko tvoje sestre i roditelja tu sam.

Puno te pozdravljam



U svakoj firmi nas ima po nekoliko - otvorimo oci bar ljudima sa kojima radimo. Mi smo juce pricali sa nekima od njih, pa su ostali zapanjeni. Bartako svako od nas moze da doprinese stvaranju pozitvnog javnog misljenja.

Ima nas toliko da Kanada ne bi smela da nas zanemari.


Akcija "Crni flor" i druge

1. Predlazem da kao znak protesta svako nosi "Crni flor" preko celog dana, i kada ide na posao!

2. Stavite slike vasih najblizih iz YU na vas radni sto - da svi vide.

3. Prevesti izvestaje o zrtvama, i poslati kolegama.

Iz Novog Sada

E, tako krenuli su i to zestoko! Sinoc oko 20.00 h sam ja lepo vecerao kod mojih kuci na naselju kad prva pade negde na klisu kod zatvora paonda druga treca cetvrta... Usrali smo se ko grlice jer su se prozori tresli zestoko. E onda je malo stalo pa ja istrcah napolje da odem kodIreninih jer je ona bila tamo da timari kera. I jadan ker se sav tresao od straha.

Onda smo lepo seli otvorili pivce i popili ga taman kad je krenuo drugi talas koji je bio gori od prvog jer su tome sokoli padali jedno 500 metara vazdusne linije od nas tj na Detelinaru po kasarni Majevica i zestoko suje sjebalo. Jedan Toma soko je i promasio pa je lupio izmedju naselja i detelinare kod trafo stanice pa smo onda ostali i bez struje. Inaceroknuli su celu Srbiju a najjace su opalili Batajnicu gde je bilo i mrtvih civila jer su opalii stambenu zgradu u kojoj zive zaposleni Batajnickogaerodroma.

Da da ne zaboravim da je vazdusni blast koji je stigao i do nasih tela u stanu bio zestok. Na detelinari nema nijednog citavog prozora a ostecenesu i zgrada skole i obdaniste. Inace spicili su i Zastavu, Utvu i jos parfabrika a najgore su prosi pored Batajnice i Kula i Sombor koje su tukli do cetiri ujutro. E tako vam je to ja i dalje opravljam zube a dokle cuneznase. Nocas sam dezuran, barem su me tako obavestili nadlezni, a Irena ne ide na posao do daljnjeg jer se porodiliste prebacilo u podrum. Jutros u pola deset su sirene ponovo najavile napad ali nije bilo nista, pa su ga i odjavile negde oko pola dvanaest. Medjutim verovatno ce opet da se oglaseveceras posto su najavili nove udare za popodne i veceras. Do sledece pauze izmedju bombi puno pozdrava od I. i D.

P.S. Sad malo ja od D covek ne moze da dodje na red. Eto dragi prijetelji sta propustate ACTION. Nadamo se da cemo ostati zivi i zdraviali vrlo ludi posle svega. Molim vas pozdraviti mi sestru koju necu jos dugo videti i recite joj da se ne sekira i da su Grci organizovali prijem izbeglicaiz Juge i da trazi svoj status kako god zna i da ne bude lenja jer dobro znakako su nasi rodjaci svi prosli u Bosni. Puno poljubaca i dug zivot svima.

Iz Beograda


Evo, i to se desilo…

Dobro smo, nismo isli u skloniste,sada idemo da se odmorimo od svega,i pokusacemo da spavamo. Sirene su bile grozne, avione nismo culi. Bilo je odvratno, i jako smo se uplasili. Kada smo culi sta su sve gadjali tek smo se onda utronjali. Neki su se pravili vazni, pa kao nije im nista. Uglavnom muskarci reaguju tako. Deca su naravno bila jako potresena. Ma koliko da im pricas da nam nece nista biti. U gradu je mirno vozila sam se kolima i po svekrvu do Crvenog Krsta.Kao sve normalno, a u stvari sve nenormalno. Besna sam na sebe , jer sam dozvolila da i kroz ovakva sranja prolazim. Sve sam mogla da uradim, ali ovo je bilo najgore ostati ovde. Ipak hvala Bogu dobro smo svi, uze i sire, i posto smo culi da su avioni u Piacenci iskljuceni idemo na spavanje.

Pa, sta da vam kazem... Sirene sviraju, napadi traju, situacija za infarkt. Kaze ministar prosvete da je danas poceo prolecni raspust i traje do 2.aprila??? Nama ne javljaju koja je steta i kako je stanje stvari. Znamo samo da je veoma mnogo ciljeva bombardovano. Sigurno je puno unisteno, bombe su to. Ima i civilnih zrtava. Oko Beograda je mnogo bombardovano, Rakovica, Zarkovo, Zuce, Ralja, Mladenovac, sve kao vojni ciljevi. Ne lici da ce ikada stati... Kazu da su granice zatvorene sa obe strane iproglaseno je ratno stanje, ako iko zna sta to znaci.Ja sam mislila jutros da krenem za Rumuniju ili Madjarsku, ali cini mi se da je to nemoguce. Mnogo je gore nego sto bilo koje vesti kazu, to je sigurno.

Pozdravi, K

Informacija o odrzanom mitingu, u Vankuveru, protiv napada NATO trupa na SR Jugoslaviju

Veceras, 24.marta u 18 casova na Robson skveru, u centru Vankuvera, na poziv Srpskog kongresa ujedinjenja, odrzan je protesni miting povodom upada NATO trupa na teritoriju SRJugoslavije.Ozbiljnost trenutka okupila je izuzetno veliki broj nasih ljudi, izmedu 4000 i 5000. Medu prisutnim veliki broj je bio i Srba iz bivse Bosne i Hercegovine. Podrsku Srbiji je pruzila i jedna grupa Grka, koja je bila prisutna na mitingu sa Grckim zastavama. Odrzano je nekoliko vrlo patriotskih govora u kojima je istaknutoda je Kosovo deo Srbije koji se mora braniti svim raspolozivim sredstvima i kojima se poziva Amerika da prekine bombardovanje Jugoslavije. Podrsku Srbiji dao je i jedan kanadski veteran iz Drugog svetskog rata koji se sa govornice obratio prisutnima. Bilo je mnogo jugoslovenskih i srpskih zastava. Pevalo se "Tamo daleko". Uzvikivane su parole "Kosovo je Srbija", "Srbija, Srbija", "Jugoslavija, Jugoslavija", "Dole Amerika", "Klinton je Hitler"... Bilo je i nekoliko americkih zastava na kojima su umesto zvezdica bili nacrtani kukasti krstovi. Posle sat vremena veoma dugacka kolona krenula je ka americkom konzulatu. Ispred konzulata odrzan je jos jedan govor kojim se SAD pozivaju da prekinu vojnu intervenciju u Jugoslaviji. Skandiralo se "Zivela Srbija", "Dole Amerika", "Fasisti, fasisti"...

Kolona se oko 20 casova vratila na Ropson skver. Dogovoreno je da se protestni mitinzi odrzavaju svaki dan u 18 casova, na istom mestu, sve dok traje agresija na Jugoslaviju. Skup je veoma dobro organizovan i zavrsen je bez ikakvih incidenata. Jasno je pokazao da su nasi ljudi i ako zive daleko od domovine veoma vezani za svoju zemlju i veoma ponosni na svoje poreklo.

Pozdrav, s nadom da ce biti bolje

Snezana Pecencic

Ljudi, ovdje je poceo rat i bombardovanje, jer sam svojim ocima vidio kako pada projektil na kasarnu koja se nalazi na Detelinari. To je bilo tacno u 20.00 po YU vremenu. Tanja i ja smo isli busom iz grada ka Novom Naselju. Bili smo u busu broj 8. Posto sam bio na kraju autobusa vidiosam lijepo luk i let rakete i nakon toga strahovitu eksploziju i potom onaj tzv. vjetar koji je jednostavno okrenuo nas autobus i polupao svastakla na njemu. Nastala je opsta panika i sam vozac se toliko zbunio da je to nenormalno. Umjesto da otvori vrata busa on ih je zatvorio i poceo dodavati gas, a ljudi su htjeli samo napolje. Uzas jedan. Projektil je pao na oko 800 metara vazdusnom linijom od nas. Lijepo sam svojim ocima poslije vidio zaista ogroman dim i pecurku nakon eksplozije i sve je bljestalo jako dugo. Mislim da tamo u toj kasarni nije niko prezivio. Poceli smo trcati do prvih zgrada ne bi li smo se sklonili u kakav ulaz. Ali k'o za inat bila su zakljucana. Sranje. Na svim zgradama je sve polupano sto je imalo od stakla. Supacki su nas napali. Kurac oni ne gadjaju civile. Oko te kasarne su sve same zgrade i mislim da je jako puno mrtvih civila. Ovdje vlada haos. Imamo struju i vodu zasada. Nakon sto smo izasli (istrcali) iz busa poceli smo nakon one zgrade da trcimo k'o ludi ka nasoj zgradi koja je jedno dva kilometra udaljena odatle. Meni nije bio problem da trcim, ali Tanju je uhvatila strasna panika i strah. Sa nama su trcala neka dva momka iz BG i tek sto su dosli u NS i nemaju pojma ni gdje se sta nalazi. U opstoj guzvi im nisam mogao puno pomoci. Jebes ga, sta da radim, jer sam imao Tanju na grbaci. Dok smo trcali ka zgradi pao je novi projektil u samoj nasoj blizini i popadali smo svi na zemlju i tako sam sada prljav do bola. Opsta je frka, ali treba ostati hladne glave u ovim trenucima. Lijepo sam i drugi put vidio eksploziju i uzas jedan, mislim da tamo nema zivih. Taj projektil je tezak tonu i po. U NS su pogodili jos na Klisi policijsku stanicu. Mislim da tamo nema mrtvih jer se na vrijeme evakuisala proslih dana. Cuo sam se sa jednim prijateljem koji zivi na Klisi i sve je OK za sada. Ovaj uzasan dozivljaj, ako se ostane zivo, necu nikada zaboraviti. Niti su se culi avioni, niti ikakvo fijukanje, bukvalno iz vedra neba (noc je jako lijepa) je prasnulo. Proglaseno je ratno stanje, sto moze znaciti samo jedno. Naime, bez obzira ko je kriv i ko je doveo do ove situacije jasno je jedno da smo napadnuti i da sada vise ne vaze te predratne price, nego valja sve sada upraviti ka tom cilju - oboriti sto veci broj aviona, ne bi li supci stali sa napadom na civile. Siguran sam da ima jako puno civilnih zrtava. Najvise su izginuli ljudi koji sustanovali u tim kasarnama, a to su uglavnom porodice tih civila i oficira koji su dosli iz Slovenije i Hrvatske, sto znaci da mi prekodrinski Srbi opet ginemo. Sada mnogo toga zavisi od same Rusije i Kine, i ako nas oni ne odbrane ovdje ce biti opsti pomor naroda. Mislim da sada nece vise biti ni zivih Sipaca na Kosovu. Dakle, rok'n'rol je krenuo svom zestinom. Odavdje ja necu ici, a kako ce nam biti iducih dana i sedmica to samo dragi Bog zna i moze pomoci.

Upravo su na SKY-u i BBC-u javili da su izgubili jedan americki avion iznad planine Cicavice na teritoriji iznad Sjevernog Kosova. Nadam se daje poginuo taj crncuga. Ipak su izginule zene i djeca u novosadskoj kasarni, sto moze znaciti samo jedno - bice pobijeni svi stranci u YU.

Tako nesto je upravo javljeno na Palma televiziji. Po BG traze sve strance i bice javne lomace. Valja nekome popusiti veceras, tj. ako cu i ja popusice i ti stranci pa ko ih jebe. Oborene su jos i tri rakete tomahawk. Mislim da ako izgube desetak aviona, da ce se povuci kao pickei da od daljneg bombardovanja nece biti nista, jer sam siguran da ako ovo potraje, da ce rusko NJET prevladati, koliko god ta Rusija bila zavisna od tog Zapada.

U gradu nema nigdje ulja i ostali smo bez njega i ja sam danas nakupovao pirinca, palente i slicnog. Sada bas javljaju da su sirene objavile prestanak vazdusne opasnosti. Valjda ce nas veceras kasnije ponovo piciti. Popusice oni jos itekako.

Eto toliko od Gajica i dok bude Interneta, ja cu se javljati. Opsta je pusiona ovamo, pa koga jebe - kud' puklo da puklo.

PS. Problem je sto imam sada jako malo vremena zakupljenog od provajdera pa tako postoji mogucnost da vam se ne javljam ubuduce i zbog toga - na zalost. Valjda ce biti bolje u buducnosti.

Toliko zasada od vaseg 'ratnog' dopisnika (umalo spaljenog) GAJIC-a.

FASIZAM VLADA SVIJETOM i ovo nam rade bolesne osobe.

Golim rukama bih mogao ubiti sada.


Makedonac#1 - Mar 25, 1999 14:07 (

Eve vam informacije iz prve ruke.

Nesto vise od 10000 (uglavnom Makedonaca i Srba iz Makedonije) demonstranata sakupilo ispred hotela gde su smesteni strani novinari, verifikatori kao i neke velike glave iz NATO-a i polupali im auta nacisto.Posle toga otisli su ispred USA ambasade i zapalili pola zgrade pa je morala da intervenira i protivpozarna brigada kao i specijalna policija, a sada su ispred vlade RM da bi demonstracije zavrsili na glavnom gradskom trgu.

I samo da mi jos neko kaze da smo picke i da smo na siptarskoj strani :):):)

Ziveli braco Srbi , neka vas bog cuva!!!

PS. Nema nikakvih eksplozija niti sukoba sa ovdasnjim Albancima, sve to ona pokvarena voajerska govna iz stranih TV-a izmisljaju i preuvelicavaju!!!

Ovo je poruka od naseg prijatelja iz Beograda. Nasi ljudi su stvarno neunistivog duha!

Dragi nasi

Danas u dva sam posao u Rumu, i samo sto sam prisao kolima, poce da svira Vazdusna Opasnost. Nisam hteo bas da izazivam vraga, pa sam se vratio.

Inace ceo dan smo normalno radili, i isli po gradu, bez problema. Mada mnogi beze u sklonista, mi smo protiv toga i ostajemo u stanu. Jos je rano da bombarduju civile.

U pola pet su objavili prestanak opasnosti, i onda smo se svi zajedno pokupili (da se ne bi razdvajali) i otisli u Rumu, bez ikakve frke.

Inace po gradu se vec prica, da su poceli da kupe ljude po ulici i mobilisu redom. Ziva neistina, jer smo mi ceo dan zujali.

Vratili smo se oko pola osam i opet poce svirka za opasnost.

Mi smo za sada bezbedni. Razmisljamo o odlasku u Topolu, ali ne jos ozbiljno.

Psihicki jos uvek izdrzavamo.


Dragi moji juniori,

S obzirom da ne mogu vise da zurim u TV hajde da vas izvestim sta se dogodilo. Sinoc mene Slavica Zaric pozove u pozoriste, da gledamo dobru predstavu u Zvezdara teatru "Kontejner" Dusana Kovacevica. Ali rece, Strale nece da ide kolima jer ima nemacku registraciju nego cemo ici taksijem. Dodjemo mi do pozorista a Strale kaze, pre nego sto smo krenuli, posli su bombarderi iz Italije. Ja lepo kazem mojoj zeni, a ona ce na to "nemoj bre uvek da pravis paniku bez potrebe." Udjemo mi u salu, predstava je trebala da pocne u 20h, medjutim 20.5 nema glumaca.

Ja kazem Straletu, bombardovanje pocelo. A Slavica opet na to, ti stvarno nisi normalna, zasto panicis. Prodje jos 10 min. izadje Lecic i obrati se publici: "draga moja neobicno hrabra publiko. Prosto ne mogu da verujem da ste veceras u tako velikom broju dosli na predstavu. Na zalost mi ne mozemo predstavu da odrzimo, jer upravo odjekuju sirene, sto znaci da smo napadnuti". Publika mirna, niko nista ne progovara. Covek kaze " Ja ne glumim, ovo vam govorim ozbiljno. Molim vas da lagano ustanete, izadjete u hol, a onda cemo se dogovoriti sta da radimo". Tek nakon toga zaori se snazan aplauz. Svi su veoma lagano dosli do izlaza, i brzim hodom se uputili napolje. Srecom naidje taksi, mi ga zaustavimo, a covek nam kaze: "Ovaj svet nije normalan, malo pre kada su svirale sirene svi su prolazili na crvena svetla, niko se nije zaustavljao na saobracajni znak. Ja sam ostavio zenu sa decom u garazi, izvukao sam kola koja sam radio i smestio ih u kanal. Sa starijim sinom sam na ulici, nas dvoje zaradjujemo nocas". Elem tako smo nas troje shvatili da su se dugogodisnje pretnje obistinile. Dodjoh u stan trkom, moji na nogama, vec smo ranije zapakovali osnovne stvari u ranceve. Medjutim odlucili smo da ne idemo u skloniste nego da ostanemo u stanu. Tako smo sedeli do 3h i gledali malo Sky news, malo nase. U svakom slucaju morala sam da popijem malo Bensedina, kako bi bila mirna. Sa prozora smo videli crveno nebo nad Pancevom, i potmulu eksploziju. Verovatno gledate kretene sa Sky-a koji prave pravo pozoriste i ispunjavaju program time sto redovno obavestavaju kako i sta je uradio Nato. Spavali smo obuceni. Jutros sam otisla na kliniku, ispraznili smo pola odeljenja, imamo radnu obavezu i na klinici i na fakultetu, sto ce reci moramo biti na radnom mestu. Deca imaju prekid nastave do 5.4. Batajnicki aerodrom je rasturen, Utva u Pancevu, i ostalo verovatno znate. Danas su ponovili napad na Batajnicu i Pancevo oko 10,30. Ponovo su svirale sirene u 19.30. Eksplozije su se cule ka Rakovici gde je sinoc pogodjen radar i ostecene su tri skole u okolini. to je u neposrednoj blizini naseg bivseg solitera. Na mnogim stanovima su popucala prozorska stakla. Veceras je ponovo gadjana Pristina koja je u mraku i Podgorica.

Obavestavaju da ce napadi nocas biti veceg obima i snazniji, to je izvestaj Pentagona. Sreca imamo satelit i brze sve saznamo, nego sto nas nasi obavestavaju, sto je prilicno bedno. Ne mogu da kazem da nas je strah, ali ne mogu da kazem i da se ne plasimo. Medjutim, ipak ne panicimo. Verovatno je razlog za to sto osecam, govorim sada samo u svoje ime, strasan bes i nezadovoljstvo sto svetski zandari predstavljaju osobe koje su apsolutno nepodobne za svoje funkcije:

Klinton - seksualni manija i lazov, Bler - borac za prava homoseksualaca i lezbejki jer mu je zena lezbejka, i Kuk - impotentni alkoholicar. To su karakteristike koje im je dala bivsa Kukova zena koja je izdala knjigu.

Ne mislim da oni ne bi bili ovakvi kakvi jesu da svega navedenog nema, ali u svakom slucaju veoma cudne stvari se desavaju kada velike sile podrzavaju teroriste i separatiste. Svaka druga drzava protiv terorista moze da se bori ali Srbi to nikako ne smeju da rade. Sada ce nas unazaditi 100 godina. Sankcije su nas vratile unazad 50, i jos 50 bombardovanje. Nakon ovoga ozbiljno razmisljamo kako decu da posaljemo da nastave skolovanje kod vas i da tamo ostanu. O tome cemo ako se uspostavi neki mir, jer sada smo zatvoreni potpuno. Nema viza, nema putovanja.

Ostali deo porodice, Matijasevici i Djordjevici su dobro.

Dok vam ovo pisem napolju je mrkli mrak, svetla su pogasena i vlada mukla tisina. Pravo zatisje pred buru. Znak za vazdusni napad jos je nasnazi. Kazu da ce bombardovati i pred jutro, videcemo sta ce biti, javicu se sutra.

Sve vas puno volimo 4M.

Barcelona 25/03/99 20:00 CET

Jugoslovenski reprezentativac Predrag Mijatovic je veceras na spanskoj TV izjavio da ce svi jugoslovenski sportisti bojkotovati sva takmicenjau kojima ucestvuju u zemljama NATO dok ne prestane agresija na nasu zemlju.

Bravo za "Plave"

Dear Editor,

As an American immigrant to Canada who has a wife (and children) of Serbian origin, I would like to share the following thoughts with you. I sympathize with your people, and so I offer my advice and criticism in the spirit of somebody who wants to help.Of the many good qualities possessed by the Serbian people, organization is not one of them. Last night demonstration proves this. To be effective, you must all agree on a single strategy. If everybody does there own thing, that is a complete waste; but if everybody does the same thing there will be results. For example, if the Prime Minister received a letter from every Serb in Canada to protest the bombing, he would have to take notice. As editor of a newspaper you can use your influence to suggest a single course of action to your community.

Also, you Serbs must change your attitude when communicating with Canadians. I know that the media do not paint a truthful picture when they speak of Kosovo. But too many times I have heard a Serb say "We are right and that is that". You must be prepared to convince people of the truth of your story. Just because you are right does not mean that somebody else (a Canadian) will believe you. It takes a lot of patience to make your story Be heard. I hear too many Serbs on talk radio shows make fools of themselves with the "I know I am right" attitude. If you want to be understood by Canadians (and Americans) you had better understand them too. A person who is so convinced about the correctness of his arguments that he dismisses peoples questions and criticisms rarely will persuade anybody. You need to find clever, articulate spokespersons for your cause.

Otherwise you will be dismissed out of hand, and your frustration will only increase.

Finally, there is little hope in influencing the Americans. You can demonstrate outside their embassy for weeks if you like, but that is useless.

They are like Romans, and will bend for nobody. It is better to find allies in Canadians and others if you hope to preserve your homeland. This is going to be a long struggle, and you will need all the help you can get. But help will not come if you do not organize properly and present you case appropriately.


Dr. Lawrence A. Kolasa


(416) 245-5242

Mar. 25, 1998; 9:30PM EST



Playing Possum? (a TiM Commentary)

PHOENIX, Mar. 25 - Time after time today, retired generals and active-duty high brass of the "world's most powerfully military," which thetrigger-happy Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sam Berger, William Cohen and other Washington warmongers began to use yesterday against a smallEuropean predominantly Christian country, expressed their bewilderment as to why the Serbs have not so far used their sophisticated air defensesystems.

Instead, for the second day in a row, the Serb military lay low, pretending to be taking it on the chin, as the NATO cruise and tomahawk missilespounded the country, destroying its surface military targets and killing mostly Serb civilians, but leaving the country's underground militarystructure largely intact. They used only the traditional AAA (anti-aircraft artillery). And even that, it appears, was sufficient tohit some NATO planes, as you saw from our earlier reports. Guess someone forgot to punch in the "playing possum" scenario into the

Pentagon war games computer models? That Serbs won't waste their missiles against unmanned NATO missiles, and will instead wait for the NATO pilotsto come calling before sending them home in body bags, or taking the survivors prisoner.

Meanwhile, the Belgrade TV kept broadcasting to the nation the images of the wanton and needless destruction of civilian structures which the NATO"smart bombs" had hit. In the Belgrade suburb of Rakovica, for example, two elementary schools and one junior high school were damaged by the NATO bombing, our Belgrade sources report.

A Novi Sad-based correspondent reported to the Truth in Media today that, NATO had "also bombed Vrdnik in Fruska Gora, which is not very far fromwhere I live." The target was close "right next to the Ravanica Monastery, where the nuns still keep the collar bone of Prince Lazar" (the Serb leaderin the battle of Kosovo against the Turkish invadors in 1389).

Earlier on, we had also reported to you that "several civilian areas have already been hit by cruise missiles, including the village of Gracanica,where one of the most sacred Serbian Orthodox monasteryies is situated," according to a report by Father Sava Janjic of the Decani Monastery.

Meanwhile, anti-NATO and anti-American protests are erupting around the world, including in the NATO countries. If you have any doubts that thisis Vietnam all over again, only worse (because it may lead to WW III), read on...

In Toronto, Canada, America's neighbor and closest NATO ally, more than 1,000 people - many of them Serbs with young children in tow -gathered in front of the consulate, shutting down University Ave, according to today's Toronto Star report. When police finally managed to clearprotesters and reopen the major city artery 3 1/2 hours later, many of the U.S. Consulate windows were broken, and debris, broken eggs and rockslittered the street.

"Hey, hey U.S.A., how many Serbs have you killed today?'', chanted the crowd, refreshing a Vietnam war protesters slogan ("Hey, hey LBJ, how manyhave you killed today?'').

Truth in Media's (non-Serbian!) Toronto sources report that many Canadians

joined in the protest, outraged by the fact that four Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were among the planes that dropped the bombs on Serbia. "Ican't believe Canada is standing for this. I'm so ashamed,'' a 27-year-old Toronto woman, holding small baby in her arms, told the Toronto Star.

In Prague, the capital of one of the three new countries admitted to NATO membership, about one hundred Serbs, some of them wrapped in Yugoslav flagsand waving banners condemning NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia, staged a protest march past the embassies of the USA and Germany today. The marchended outside the Yugoslav Embassy. That's where about one thousand people, most the newly-minted "NATO citizens" (the Czechs), signed apetition against NATO attacks in an hour.

In Moscow, thousands of protesters pelted the American Embassy with eggs, paint and stones throughout the day. Thousands of volunteers signed up tofight with the Serbs against NATO.

In Skopje, as we had reported earlier, several thousand Macedonians attacked first the western journalists' equipment, and then the AmericanEmbassy in that Balkan country.

In Canberra, the capital of Australia, demonstrators expressed their anger at, what they called, the "West's Mafia Tactics," according to theAustralian, a national daily newspaper.

We could go on, but we'll stop here with reports of the world's outrage with the NATO bombing of the Serbs.

Meanwhile, amid all these examples of the world's common citizens' outrage against a wanton aggression by NATO against a sovereign country, signs ofcracks within the NATO alliance have begun to show today.

First the Greek prime minister, Konstantinos Simitis, announced today in Berlin that Greece, a Balkan country, and one of the key components of theNATO alliance opposes the NATO air strikes. Then the Italian prime minister said the same. Even the French Chirac-cum-Vichy government hasstarted to waiver, perhaps remembering what happened to the vassals, like Vichy?

All of which makes Madeleine Alibright, the U.S. secretary of state, who claimed today at State Department teleconference, that she had been inconstant communications with the NATO allies, who were unified and 100% behind the bombing campaign against the Serbs.

In light of the above PUBLIC statements by the leaders of Greece and Italy, could it be that Madam Halbright has been consulting with alter-ego,perhaps even less bright than the Albright?

Finally, unlike Iraq during the Gulf War, Serbia today reportedly expelled all foreign journalists from its territory. So no longer will the American

Joe-Six-Packs be able to snack on their beer and chips while entertaining themselves with scenes of the almighty Pentagon "smart bombs" destroyingthe designated targets without any "collateral damage."

But that's the least of the problems which this will pose for the warmongers in Washington. As a retired American general (Neal) freelyadmitted today in a live CNN broadcast, he and Gen. Schwartzkopf, the top U.S. commander during the Gulf War, had relied heavily on such CNN andother reports from the western reporters within Iraq.

In other words, by showing the likes of CNN's Christiana Amanpour (Albright's James Rubin's Iranian-born wife) the way to the door, the Serbshave now deprived the NATO bombers of their eyes and ears on the ground.

From now on, all the news the Joe-Six-Packs gets, will be from the Belgradebrewery (a far better brew than the Budweiser or Coors, by the way. Forwhat it's worth...)And so, tisk, tisk... The Pentagon thought they could "play a TV war" with the Serbs? How stupid! How did they think the Serbs kicked out the Turksfrom their lands after a 500-year occupation (no kidding - 500 years!)? Or the Austrian imperialists? Or Hitler's 20 divisions, supplemented with thelocal collaborators, including the Kosovo Albanians? By kissing up to the invaders?

So, c'mon Comrade Klinton and Madame Halfbright. Get real. Do you really think you can intimidate the Serbs by killing their women and children withyour "smart bombs?" That you can scare the people who had lost one-third of their male population in WW I, fighting foreign imperialists like yourselves? (Austrians and Germans back then).

Maybe Klinton-Halfbright should return to the Georgetown University's

School of Foreign Service from which you had (miraculously?) graduated, and do a remedial course on the Balkan history? Maybe then they would learnthat "playing possum" is a favorite Serbian pastime? And that, pitting our(American) fighting men against the Serbs is an act of treason against America and all the values our country stands for - such as liberty andjustice for all.

As a triple U.S. veteran (China-Korea-Vietnam) recently put it in his recent letter to me, "I never would have believed I would say thefollowing: we need to get our - kicked for being in Kosovo. You would think we would have learned in the above mentioned conflicts." (see theWall Street Journal, Mar. 16, available at our Web site).

Bob Djurdjevic


Sa sastanka predsednika SRJ, Slobodana Milosevica, sa najvisim rukovodstvom zemlje, zvanicno je saopsteno da su sagledane posledice dosadasnjih dejstava agresora i konstatovano da su pripadnici Vojske Jugoslavije pruzili odlucan otpor nasim neprijateljima pri cemu su ispoljili visoku patriotsku svest, hrabrost i pozrtvovanje. Ocenjeno je, navodi se dalje, da suuspesno ostvarene sve potrebne mere koje je nametnula nastala situacija. "Utvrdjene su mere koje treba primenjivati na unutrasnjem i medjunarodnom planu u cilju dalje odlucne odbranesuvereniteta, teritorijalnog integriteta, nezavisnosti i ustavnog uredjenja SRJ, slobode i dostojanstva njenih gradjana i medjunarodne afirmacije nase pravedne borbe'', zakljucuje se usaopstenju sa sastanaka najviseg drzavnog rukovodstva sa predsednikom Milosevicem.


Savezno ministarstvo za odbranu danas je saopstilo da je, "povodom agresije NATO snaga na Saveznu Republiku Jugoslaviju, koja predstavlja zlocinacki akt bez presedana u medjunarodnimodnosima i najdirektniju podrsku albanskim teroristima", preduzelo i da preduzima sve mere i aktivnosti iz svoje nadleznosti, "radi obezbedjenja uslova za efikasno suprotstavljanje agresoru i zastitu stanovnistva i materijalnih dobara", javljaju beogradski elektronski mediji. "Taj zlocin prema nasem narodu i drzavi naisao je na snaznu osudu miroljubivemedjunarodne javnosti, koja poziva na razum i obustavu nicim izazvane agresije na jednu suverenu zemlju", stoji u saopstenjuSluzba za informisanje Saveznog ministarstva odbrane.


Ruski predsednik Boris Jeljcin izjavio je danas da je "agresija NATO protiv SRJ gruba greska" americke diplomatije i predsednikaBila Klintona. Pred sastanak sa ministrom spoljnih poslova Rusije Igorom Ivanovim, Jeljcin je rekao da Rusija u nastaloj situaciji"ima i krajnje mere, ali smo resili da ih ne preduzimamo, vec dabudemo iznad toga".

Jeljcin je, kako je rekao, celu proslu noc vodio intenzivne telefonske razgovore u vezi sa situacijom oko SRJ. "Mi smo u moralnom planu sada iznad SAD", rekao je Jeljcin. "Razradili smo- ministar spoljnih poslova, premijer i ja - ceo paket mera koje treba da uradimo", rekao je Jeljcin. On je naveo da je prvi korak

Rusije bio povratak Primakova sa nameravanog puta u SAD, zatim telefonski razgovori i izjave, obustavljanje kontakata sa NATO izahtev za zasedanje Saveta bezbednosti UN. Jeljcin je ocenio da je generalni sekretar UN Kofi Anan "veoma nezadovoljan", ali vidi da ne moze maltene nista da uradi. UBelom domu jutros je odrzano zasedanje vojnog i policijskog, spoljnopolitickog rukovodstva kojim je rukovodio premijer Jevgenij Primakov, na kojem je analizirana situacija u vezi sa Kosovom i posledicama nocasnjeg bormbardovanja.


Ruski ministar spoljnih poslova Igor Ivanov najavio je danas da ce Rusija u Savetu bezbednsoti UN podneti zahtev da se odmah obustavevojne akcije protiv SRJ. "Rusija nece koristiti silu u resavanju kosovskog problema", izjavio je Ivanov Interfaksu, prenosi Beta.


Ruski ministar unutrasnjih poslova Sergej Stepasin ocenio je da su udari NATO po SRJ udari na Rusiju. Stepasin je rekao da udari necedoneti mir ni Srbima ni kosovskim Albancima. A sto se tice Rusije, ona ce preduzeti odredjene mere, ali ne vojne, rekao je Stepasin,prenosi Beta.


Izvori NATO u Briselu demantovali su danas izvestaje Rusije da se saveznicke snage pripremaju za kopnenu ofanzivu u Jugoslaviji. "To je potpuno netacno. NATO nema politicko ovlascenje da ucininesto tako", rekli su vojni izvori NATO. Ruske agencije prethodno su prenele izjavu ministra odbrane Igora Sergejeva da Moskva ima obavestajne podatke o pripremama NATO za kopnenuoperaciju u Jugoslaviji i planovima da se 22.000 vojnika prebaci iz Makedonije u Jugoslaviju.


Indija je danas zatrazila obustavu svih vojnih akcija protiv SR Jugoslavije i ocenila da je potrebno dati sansu miru. "Upucujemo poziv da se obustave sva vojna dejstva, da bude data sansa miru ida SR Jugoslaviji, partneru u Pokretu nesvrstanih, bude omoguceno da svoje unutrasnje probleme interno resava", saopstilo je indijsko ministarstvo inostranih poslova, prenosi Beta.


Misija SR Jugoslavije pri Evropskoj uniji u Briselu danas je Savetu ministara EU urucila verbalnu notu u kojoj se kaze da su"NATO snage pokrenule oruzanu agresiju protiv SR Jugoslavije"."Taj brutalni napad, koji ni na koji nacin nije izazvan, izvrsen je", naglasava se u noti, "protiv jedne suverene i nezavisne zemlje, clanice i jednog od osnivaca UN, uprkos neprestano ispoljavane spremnosti SR Jugoslavije za dijalog i politicko resenje za pitanje Kosova i Metohije".

"Takav cin NATO prestavlja drasticno krsenje temeljnih nacela Povelje UN, kao i medjunarodnog prava i poretka sa nesagledivim posledicama za mir i bezbednost u regionu i izvan njega. Taagresija, cinjenicki, predstavlja podrsku terorizmu i 190 separatizmu", navodi se u noti. U noti Misije SRJ, urucenoj EU,istice se da je "SR Jugoslavija zatrazila od Saveta bezbednostiUN da preduzme mere za trenutno obustavljanje i osudu ove agresije, kao i da iskaze podrsku suverenitetu i integritetu SR Jugoslavije, ukljucujuci njeno legitimno pravo da se brani odagresije".Posledice te agresije ce svakako biti humanitarna katastrofa, brutalno razaranje, vandalizam, kao i narusavanje medjunarodnog mira i bezbednosti".

"Polazeci od nasih zajednickih teznji da se ocuva mir i bezbednost u svetu, SRJ - dodaje se u noti - poziva EU i njene ustanove da imaju na umu pomenute teznje i obaveze SRJ i pokrenetemeljite, brze i razumne napore za neodlozni i bezuslovni prekid agresije na jednu nezavisnu, suverenu i miroljubivo nastrojenu zemlju".


Potpredsednik Savezne vlade Vuk Draskovic ocenio je danas da su Srbija i SR Jugoslavija "zrtve brutalne agresije vazdusnih snagaNATO-a". Na konferenciji za stampu u Saveznoj vladi, kojoj je prisustvovalo vise od 100 novinara, on je naglasio da su Srbija i SRJ napadnute zato sto "brane pravo i sto su protiv sile".

Na pitanje da li bi Beograd sada bio spreman na dolazak snaga NATO ako bi bio postignut sporazum o Kosovu, Draskovic je rekao: "NATOpokazuje kako je spreman da radi. Nakon ovoga (agresije), ni od koga se ne moze ocekivati da ih pozove da sprovode svoju varijantumira". "Mi verujemo da ce ovde na Srbiji da se polome neki krupni zubi.Verujem da ce uskoro doci do odgovarajucih reakcija u Rusiji, dace doci do plime pobune javnog mnjenja u zemljama clanicama NATO-a pakta. Zbog cega se cini zlocin prema jednoj drzavi koja nikoganije napala. Trpe oni uzasne gubitke ali postupaju kukavicki - ne mozemo da ih vidimo. Ako im je do rata, a mi nismo objavili ratNATO-paktu, neka dodju da im vidimo lica pa da vidimo kako ce daprodju".

Potpredsednik Savezne vlade je, takodje, porucio stranim novinarima da su "veoma dobrodosli u Jugoslaviji". "Vi niste nasi neprijatelji, neprijatelji su oni koji su naredili napade.

Trebamo vas, jer trebamo istinu", rekao je Draskovic.


Hitno zakazana sjednica Skupstine Republike Crne Gore, koja je juce pocela sa radom, a koja je nakon utvrdjivanja dnevnog redaprekinula rad, nastavice danas rad, javlja FoNet. Na dnevnom redu je samo jedna tacka: "Predlog mera Skupstine Republike Crne Goreu cilju ocuvanja gradjanskog mira, sigurnosti i ustavno-pravnog poretka u uslovima najnovijih odluka vezanih za Kosovo". U celodnevnoj jucerasnjoj pauzi sastali su se poslanicki klubovi radi dogovora o izradi predloga dokumenta koji ce biti ponudjenposlanicima na usvajanje, a potom je, uz posredovanje predsjednika parlamenta Svetozara Marovica, dugo radjeno na usaglasavanju stranackih stavova o tom dokumentu.


Ambasador SRJ u Makedoniji Zoran Janackovic odrzao je kasno sinoc u rezidenciji ambasade konferenciju za novinare na kojoj jedemantovao glasine da SRJ ima nameru da napadne Makedoniju ilitrupe NATO stacionirane u toj zemlji. Takve informacije Janackovic je nazvao "jalovim", ocenivsi ih kao propagandnu zamenu teza, prenosi Beta.


Makedonski ministar odbrane Nikola Kljusev demantovao je danas izjavu komandanta Trece armijske oblasti Vojske Jugoslavije generala Nebojse Pavkovica da je NATO za udare protiv SR Jugoslavije koristio teritoriju Makedonije. "To su insinuacije koje ne odgovaraju istini. Nas stav je jasan, teritorija Makedonije ne moze se koristiti za napad na druge drzave", rekao je Kljusev u izjavi za makedonsku drzavnu televiziju, javlja Beta.

Makedonski drzavni radio nocas je javio da su se tenkovske jedinice NATO stacionirane u Makedoniji priblizile jugoslovenskojgranici prema Kosovu, na udaljenost od oko pet kilometara.

Rasporedjivanje snaga NATO u blizini granice prema Jugoslaviji, kako se navodi, ima za cilj da pokaze resenost snaga alijanse i dapredupredi eventualni srpski napad na njih i na teritoriju Makedonije.


Zbog vazdusnih napada NATO-a na SRJ, "Beogradfilm" je sa repertoara u beogradskim bioskopima danas povukao sve strane filmove. Kako je agenciji Beta receno u "Beogradfilmu", narepertoaru ce biti samo cetiri domaca filma: "Halo taksi", "Mala", "Poslednji krug u Monci" i "Bure baruta". Film "Noz" po romanu Vuka Draskovica, koji je takodje bio na repertoaru, povucen je, jer je "tezak za ovo vreme", i samiproducenti i distributeri su trazili da bude povucen, saopsteno je iz "Beogradfilma". U Beogradu danas radi pet bioskopa: "Jadran", "Kozara", "Zvezda", "Partizan" i "Jugoslavija".

i filmovi ce biti prikazivani samo u dva termina, ukoliko bude publike i ukoliko ministarstvo za informacije ne zabrani sva okupljanja, saopsteno je iz "Beogradfilma", javlja Beta.


Danas su kulturni centri Nemacke, Velike Britanije, Francuske I SAD, koji se nalaze u Knez Mihajlovoj ulici osvanuli ostecenih izloga. Ostecenja na staklima ukazuju na to da su iz blizine gadjana kamenicama ili tezim predmetima. Dok je na Kulturnim centrima Francuske, Nemacke i Velike Britanije ostecen po jedan izlog, kulturni centar SAD je najozbiljnije ostecen, jer su na njemu polupana sva stakla.


Uprkos znacima za uzbunu koji su oko 14h proglasili vazdusnu opasnost, baste najpopularnijih beogradskih kafea i restorana na Trgu Republike bile su pune gostiju, a oni koji nisu, stigli navreme bezuspesno su pokusavali da pronadju slobodan sto. Oko 15 sati, medjutim, ulice su opustele. Danas je u Beogradu osvanuopravi prolecni, suncan dan a temperatura je oko podneva dostigla 20 stepeni Celzijusa.

Dragi Makso,

Generalstab nije pogodjen niti civilni ciljevi po Bgd. Juce su
gadjani, Pancevo Utva 5 pogodaka, Batajnica - logicno, Jajinci, Surcin
(ne aerodrom nego vojni objekti, itd.).

Danas pocinje faza II. To je nastavak napada na JA I MUP, ali i
pocetak napada na strateske ciljeve.

Ili nisu hteli da napadaju prave ciljeve ili brate promasuju pa se
puse. Bice da je prvo.

Sto se tice aviona juce smo skenjali tri komada. Dva su uspela da
padnu negde oko Sarajeva (izgleda na sarajevski aerodrom), a jedan
pade na Frusku goru. Oni nam to nisu priznali. Ali nismo ni mi njima
priznali da su oborili tri MIGa (21) kante, ne znam zasto su uopste
poletali. Tomahavke sredjujemo po mojoj proceni oko 30-40%. Cenim da
su oni Migovi bili u poteri za sekiricama i da su nesretnim slucajem
naleteli na njihov neki lovac. Dakle ukupan skor je 5 :3 za nas,
zasada. Mene ne diraju, mislim za JA. Na ulici presrecu i traze Vojne
knjizice i odmah odvode (ali sve su to neproverena problematicna
izvestavanja) gorivo se ne prodaje. Nema nigde jedinica civilne zastite.

Necu sada da serem, o tome kad prodje. Zlobica je ukinuo jos neke radio
stanice, diktira medijima. I nesto mi nije jasno. Ili se ne govori o
pogotcima ili dati detaljan izvestaj da narod ne bi bio u zabuni, ali
ko zna. Sa Kosova ni abera, svi cute.

Do sada je poginulo oko 20 vojnika i oko 60 je ranjeno, to sirom
teritorije. Pao im je jedan tomahavk u more, a iz broda.

Mislim da su nasi maksimalno sacuvali operativu za iznenadjenje.

O polit. sranju necu nista. Sada svi duvaju u isti nacionalni rog.


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