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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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Kraci komentari Greg Moses-a u vezi rata protiv Jugoslavije na jednom od
njegovih predavanja.

Yesterday afternoon I shared the following notes during a teach-in:

1) According to Diana Johnstone, an American PR firm began as early as 1991
to develop an image of "Serbs as Nazis" - this despite the history of Serb
resistance to Austro-Hungarian, Nazi, and Soviet assaults.

2) As early as 1994, French sources were reporting an "Oliver North type
operation" (my term) in Kosovo, where drugs were being turned into guns. We
remeber that the original "Oliver North operation" would have been
officially illegal and against stated US policy. Nevertheless, a
destabilizing force was organized under cover.

3) Accounts tend to focus on 1997 as the year that the KLA began to
seriously emerge on the scene as an armed force, targeting Serbs and
moderate Kosovars alike.

4) Resistance to Milosovic within Serbia has been constant, and there were
ways to strategize a political/economic campaign to challenge his power.

5) At least some evidence of "Serb atrocities" is suspect, suggesting that
an intentional campaign of disinformation has been formulated.

6) I remember reading in the paper weeks before the NATO bombing that Serbs
were promising to respond with bombing by clearing Kosovo. I do not
understand the surprise about this.

7) Suppose we take the position of Milosovic, trying to keep a federation
together in the face of centripetal strategic forces, inheriting a legacy of
superpower victimization. He watches as a deliberate PR campaign equates
him to a Nazi, and he witnesses a growing Ollie North operation in his
southern territory, complete with hi-tech firepower aimed in his direction.
He suspects a set-up, and he responds like a tough guy at war.

8) In order to de-fuse this situation, you have the resources of the Western
World and a budget of thirteen billion dollars at your disposal. If you
really want to make peace in this area, don't you have some options?

9) Beware the law-and-order ideology which begins with the image of victims
and demons, then demands more cops, bullets, and prisons. There are some
social conditions which reliably produce crime, and these conditions can be
treated. Likewise, there are social conditions that produce armed conflict.
Can't we be just a little smarter about our strategies of intervention and

10) We are building more prisons and we are dropping more bombs. Billion
dollar priorities are being served by this cycle, but they are not likely to
be lasting priorities of peace or justice.

The above analysis is tentative, pieced together from fragments on the run.
But I hope it raises enough questions to give pause for serious reflection
about the direction of events in front of us.

Greg Moses
Marist College
Poughkeepsie NY 12601

New American Words:

accident - intentional killing of 70 refugees
collateral damage - intentional killing of 70 refugees
massacre - killing of 40 terrorists in a combat (Rachak)
reliable sources - terrorist organization (Usage: when you want to say a complete lie)
unreliable sources - sources you donít like
abducted - captured, arrested
snitched - (see abducted)
propaganda - other side of the story
barbarians - others (came back to original Roman meaning)
"clean" war - usage of cluster bombs and depleted Uranium
heroism - throwing bombs and missiles from 10,000 m high
no casualties - under 2 (in aviation); under 20 (in civilian casualties) agreement
peace threaty - capitulation and occupation
allies - satellites
peace keeping - occupying
NATO-led - American-led
minor border incident - full-scale attack
accused - presumed guilty
war criminal - a person who opposes NATO
democrat - a person who supports Americans and/or allies (see above)
democratic elections - any form of installing pro-American government
preventing - causing degrading and destroying military forces - nuking the whole country
terrorist - a person who attacks Americans and/or allies (see above)

Posted: 10.05.1999.