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This is a document in Serbian and English
where you can find various information concerning
the NATO military action against Serbia.

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To all my American friends!
To all my other friends worldwide!

Please help stop the war between our two countries!

I have not written to you earlier, while only our civilians were
killed. Tens of innocent people, including women and kids, were
killed during the recent U.S. attacks. Some of them were
refugees, who were kicked out from Croatia and Bosnia during the
past wars. More than 30 schools we hit, 2 civilian airports, city
water supplies, refugee camps, roads...

The reason I have not asked for help is that you may have said
Serbs should be attacked because of what the Serbian government
had been doing in Kosovo. I did not want to argue explaining that
Kosovo has been the heart of Serbia for a thousand years, that
the key Serbian monasteries are in that area, and that Kosovo was
and still is a multiethnic environment. Serbs were there one half
of the population just before World War II. I did not want to
persuade you that Serbs are now about 10% of the populations
there because Albanians have been doing an ethnic cleansing for
decades, supported by Germans, and then by our communist
government. I did not want to say that the U.S. support for the
Albanians is helping in ethnic cleansing of Serbs.

I did not want to offend you by saying that the situation in
Kosovo is similar to a hypothetical situation when your Hispanics
in New Mexico, who are the majority there, would start terrorist
actions in order to take New Mexico out of the U.S. and join it
to Mexico.

I did not want to bother you with facts that Albanian terrorists
have killed many of their own people who are not against our
government. I did not want to appeal to stop acting against our
country as the American and Serbian people have been (and, I am
sure, still are) friends, and were allies in two world wars.

I did not want to bother you with stories that this attack on an
independent country has united all the people behind our
president, whom the majority of people consider to be a severe
dictator. His position is cemented now, and you are killing all
democratic movements in our country to make Yugoslavia a part of
the free world.

I did not want to write how my three kids suffer, having to spend
most of the day and night in a shelter, with sirens sounding all
day long. All those things, I am afraid, you would not be able to
understand as you are not acquainted with our history, because
you are blinded by the false or incomplete information on your TV
and other media, and because from your distance you cannot
understand the horrors of war.

Now, however, when you can undoubtedly see that American soldiers
are being jeopardized in this absurd war, I beg you, on this
Christian Day of Peace, to do whatever is in your power to
influence your government to stop the war. Please try to persuade
your leaders they are heading in a wrong direction, which hurts
the whole world. Please stop the innocent people suffer any more.
Let us continue collaborating on issues that take the humanity
forward, instead of destroying it.

Sincerely yours,

Antonije Djordjevic


[Professor Dr. Antonije R. Djordjevic was born in Belgrade,
Yugoslavia, in 1952. He graduated from the School of Electrical
Engineering, University of Belgrade, in 1975, and obtained his
M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees from the same School in 1977 and 1979,
respectively. He is a professor of Microwave Engineering at the
same School and a visiting scholar at Syracuse University, N.Y.
He is a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences
and Arts. His main fields of interest are wire and surface
antennas, multiconductor transmission lines, EMC, and other
specific problems of numerical electromagnetics. He is an author
or co-author of about 90 papers, co-author of a monograph on wire
antennas, principal co-author of seven monographs with software
on analysis of printed-circuits and wire antennas (published in
the U.S.), and an author or co-author of four textbooks.]