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A Gift for Mummy and Daddy

February 2001

Fourth and Final Day at Quiet Waters

As we were descending Usandisa, we saw a lost zebra, which soon found it's herd again and we also saw two magnificent kudus.

Safeena got left behind a bit, but soon found her way to us again.

When we got to camp again, we found the bags ready in the trailer to be taken home again. Soon after we got in the cars to drive Julie home in Esigodini.

Then we drove off to Chipangali. Once we arrived in Chipangali, Miss McCullum went to pay for us while we inspected Princess Diana's Children's Center.

As we entered we saw all sorts of trees, plants and animals. The aquarium itself could have been called "Marine Wonderland." Secondly we saw a baby impala that was asking for quite alot of attention while a three legged duiker lay in the corner. In the middle of their enclosure was a cage with two warthogs in it. One was a male with two warts and two tusks while on the other hand a female had four warts and no tusks. While four people and I entered the rabbits enclosure and five others were with the guinea pigs, I failed to catch a rabbit so I tried my luck with a guinea pig and after all that trouble I managed to catch a guinea pig so stroked it untill we left.

As we strolled into the old park we saw antelope of all sorts, some would lick your fingers and some would want to be stroked.

When we saw a duiker on the left we turned around and saw a white rhino which was quite friendly so Riyah and I stroked it's horn while we had the chance because other people wanted to do the same so we were pushed away quite soon after.

As I carried on with my walk and I saw a leopard and I felt really sorry that he was in a cage instead of running wild.

As we walked on we saw Mad Murdock lazing in the sun.

Next we saw two hyenas, one friendly and one jealous. As we were walking back to the leopards cages, I noticed a hyena lying on it's back and after a while I realized it was none other than our very own dear Mucheke.

When we were at the vervet monkey's cages a man called us to come and see the owl we had bought in before. As we wondered among the injured animals, I stared wonderingly at the wildcat, slowly purring at it to come towards me and then all of a sudden we had to go.

When we were walking to the cars, I realized Chipangali needed money, they needed funds for the injured animals, so I decided at once to donate funds and you could too!

When we got back to school, it just felt strange coming back to a quiet life when we had had so many adventures at Quiet Waters.

Katarina Maksimovich

Why Do Parents Want CHILDREN???

Katarina Maksimovich

There was one a girl who always asked questions. Her name was Daniella.

She had beautiful long black shiny hair. She always wore her favourite shirt and a black pair of ski-pants and a black pair of boots. She also had a cute brother named Mark (who was the same age as her).

Daniella was 12 years old and so was Mark. Daniella had a mother named Bridget Anderson and a father named Nicholas Anderson. Mrs. Anderson had beautiful long shiny hair like her daughter's hair. Mr. Anderson had dark brown hair like his son's hair. Mr. Anderson was a lawyer and Mrs. Anderson was a hair-dresser. They both worked from 8.00 am too 3.00 pm.

The kids' school was now over so Mr. and Mrs. Anderson decided to go on holiday from 23 September to 5 October. They packed their bags and went to the airport.

Mrs. and Mr. Anderson and their two children went to Europe but as soon as they arrived at the airport Daniella lost her diary. You see, Daniella's Diary means a lot to her. Daniella's Diary has all, and I mean, all her SECRETS!!! It's got even her boyfriend's name in it! Daniella looked in all three of her bags. But there was nothing to be found. Then she looked in her handbag and there it was.

They unpacked their bags when they got to their house where they were meant to stay for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson went fishing while the children went to the beach and made sand castles. Daniella's castle was the best. Then, suddenly, Daniella thought: "Let's play 20 questions but instead of 20 let's do five questions. I am starting. - Why do parents want CHILDREN?"

Daniella's question was so strange that Mark could not answer it so he just said: "Why do parents want children?" They thought and they thought but never got the right answer! They asked friends and neighbours and they said that they did not know. When the day was over they asked their mother. Their mother said: "Families want to become larger and larger. So instead of doing something boring, they did something useful. Daniella tidied the boat with her mother. Mark tried fishing with his father and they had a happy holiday. When holiday was over they went back home in Cape Town.

The Lion and The Unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the Unicorn all over town
Some gave them brown pies
Some gave them white pies
They never stopped fighting.

Janet and Her Foal

Janet was a kindhearted girl. She wanted a horse. She had everything but a horse. She had a saddle, bridle, etc. One day she got a letter from her grandfather. It said:

Dear Janet,

How would you like to come with me to the horse show. I'll by you the horse of your choice.

Love from your grandfather.

She met her grandfather at the bus-stop and they went. Janet went twice round all the horses but she never found the right one. Then they both saw a crowd and there was a cute foal. Janet asked grandfather. He said O.K. When she got home mother and father were surprised. Mother said that Janet will have to wait two years to ride it. Janet waited! Two years finally passed and Janet rode the horse. She is very happy and so is her horse.

The Magic Pot

There was once a man who had no money. He sold his furniture for an old pot. He was so tired that he put his hat in the pot. Whe he got home - wow! Was his wife mad or what!?! She said so furiously: "This pot is too big for cooking and too small for bathing!!!" While the man was taking out his hat he saw two hats. They put their money in and they made a bundle. They danced and they sang and they all fell in. There was double all of them. A mother choose a husband. They chose a baby. They lived happily ever after.

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